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30 years old and PMT getting worse?

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Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right forum for this but i'll see what happens!

I've turned 30 this year, never had a problem with the 'time of the month' before. I've been on the pill for a few years now and been seeing my current boyfriend for a year and a half.

I've noticed the last few periods i have been getting a bit more emotional than i used to at the time of my period.

The trouble is, my bf thinks its his fault, he's only been in one real relationship before and he reckons he gets so confident, he supresses the other person making them unhappy and when i have my period i am more emotional and if i'm unhappy it will show up. He said it went the same with his last girlfriend and she went on antidepressants after a while.

So he's blaming himself for it all

I sold my house a year ago to live with him so i have been feeling a little insecure since i done that as i lost the security of my own place and also been worried about my horse who's been getting old and a bit poorly lately

So i guess what i'm asking is does anyone know if personal circumstances can change your PMT or is it something that will change over the years anyway.

Thanks for anyone who might be able to help with this one!!!

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Hey there,

Well it sounds to me like all of the things happening in your life at the moment are not helping. The best thing to do is to reassure your man that he is not the cause of your emotional state ( he isn't is he?) and just let him know that you will be ok in a few days.


I can't say that personally my days got any gloomier around the time I hit my 30's. If anything I became more aware of my sexuality and more comfortable with myself--as tends to happen. Now as I'm nearing 40 and thinking about menopause--yes we are heading that way hot flash! I still feel pretty good... so far.


Maybe it's just your circumstances that are overwhelming you--because you can do something about those. I hope that's all there is and you will feel better soon. Take care of yourself.



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you may want to go see your dr and get on a lower estrogen dose of your pill. Emotions are hormone triggered, and one thing the pill does is work to regualte your hormones, you are more than likely in a state of imbalance...probably producing too much...which triggers the emotional outbursts...

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Oh my a topic I love, been there all my life but yes now that I am also 30 I notice it getting a little out of control for a couple weeks before.


I have been on the patch for a couple months and the pill for years. Nothing seems to help, I saw an ad for zoloft that if taken a couple weeks before that it could help sabatoge the pmt pms.


Ok so i havent tried that one yet but i just might. Just my 2 cents from a fellow sufferer.

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