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Help!!!! I like a boy n I want 2 know how to proceed!!!!

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Ok here's the deal... I like this guy I work with we flirt all the time! All the signs are there that he likes me but the thing is I am not sure how to proceed! Today we were talking about his ex and how he wanted to let her go and this convo came str8 out of the blue, he started it 2 .... he told me how much he hated when girls didnt tell him that they liked him... So I asked him how would u react if a girl told u she liked u and he started smiling and said why? As if he was thinking (she likes me) I want to know how to talk to him about this and let him know exactly how I feel without scaring him off? Should I invite him over? He wanted to in the first place but I want to know what to do!!! I need some help I want to tell him, it feels like I have a brick on my chest And He needs to know that I like him b4 he finds another girl!

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Well, if he likes, as you say he does, then I would possibly maybe give him more hints: flirt more, or maybe simply tell him you like him. There are many possibilities. But don't be in a rush, otherwise you could scare him. Just take it slow, and decide on how you want to tell him. Good luck!

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