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Too easily aroused

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I started dating this girl a couple of weeks ago. Whenever we get close physically, like hugging really closely or kissing, i become aroused. I don't know why. Its not always sexual, sometimes its just normal contact. I can't help it. Last night we had our first kiss, well it was more like making out. And i was really aroused. Is this normal? It was kind of embarrassing, i don't think she noticed, but still. I wanted to pull her closer to me, but...you know. I really love being close with her, but this gets in the way. What do you think?

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I'm not an expert but I'll give it a shot, since I am going thru the exact same thing as well! I mean a guy I like could come up and put his arm around me and my heart starts beating and I am shivering, and other ideas run thru my head lol.. Have u been with many girls? Or it could be that u r in a rush to experience sex (that is if u r a virgin) and if ur not a virgin maybe u just enjoy sex. Either way it is perfectly normal to experience that because there are many ppl who feel this during a simple hug or holding hands, it's almost like wanting to see how far it can go in that one night. Don't worry ur fine! hehe

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Thanks everyone. I know its normal, but its annoying because it comes at bad times and i wish i could stop it. I wouldn't mind if we were really getting into it, but if we're just hugging or something its embarrassing! We've only known each other a few weeks.


Do girls in general know about the whole arousal thing? Would this girl be bothered by it or anything? I know she has done "things" with guys in the past, so she's not a beginner. Anyway, it just seems embarrassing to me, i don't know why. Girls don't have to deal with this! It was kind of keeping me from enjoying the kiss and the moment. I didn't want her to feel it up against her. Is that normally done during making out?

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I think if she's really that physically attracted to you, which she probably is because she is making out with you, that she wouldn't neccesarily be sickened or bothered by it. Most girls do know about it, and especially if they're expereinced. It's just something that happens and if she can't accept that, then I really think that's more of her problem than yours.

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I'm confused as to why you find this to be a problem.


Its not a huge "problem" or anything. I just find it a little embarrassing because its obvious when you look down there. We were standing so its not like i could adjust myself to hide it! Its just a personal thing i guess. Like i said, i wanted to pull her closer to me but i wasn't sure if i should because of my erection. I don't know what to do there. I know its normal to become aroused when making out, but i was also talking about just hugging and smaller things like that.


No, it won't gross her out or anything. It will probably make her feel good that she can turn you on and that you are that attracted to her! It's like a compliment.


Thanks! I feel a bit better now.

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