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nice gf but bad bad cook....

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LOL then why don't you try cooking some of the same stuff that she cooks for you. Just kiddin'.


Well let's see. What does she cook for ya? Does it always end up being a "bad" meal for you? Maybe you could talk her into making some different things or something. Of course, make sure she's cool with that too. LOL I dunno.

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hmm...what u cud do is cook together or something...so u cud save the meal when she is messin it up...


she might get offended coz she is doin somethin special for u...so the best way to save a meal is either follow the recipe as precisely as possible(there is NO way to mess up that bad when some1 does this) or cook together...it cud be fun when u both cook together...


hope it helped


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why do you expect her to cook and clean after you anyways? if you want someone to do that, GET A MAID. They're not that expensive, just 1400 a month.


She is your girlfriend. She's under no obligation to cook or clean for you. She's already doing you a favor by cooking and letting you eat what she cooked, if you don't like it, cook yourself.


... that's why I stay with hot dog and instant noodle meals when bf comes around. Heh, no way am I ever cooking or cleaning for him. Where's the equality when you sit back and expect her to slave after you?

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I actually love cooking nice dinners for my man, I don't see it as a battle for equality. Plus, if I didn't cook healthy meals for him occasionally, he would probably live on Dr. Pepper, Kraft Dinner, Doritos, and microwave dinners (which are okay if in moderation).


Some people are just lousy cooks. It's not that big of a deal, as long as someone is willing to cook for them, lol! If your girlfriend really wants to cook for you, suggest a class (as listed above).


The thing about the cleaning - I wouldn't ever complain about that. If you don't like how she's cleaned something, do it yourself. She's probably just trying to do these things to make you happy, so to actually find little things to complain about will probably be pretty insulting. Chip in a little and help her out; if you want something done properly, you might just have to take matters into your own hands.

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my guy bought me cooking books... *hint hint* he knows i dont know how to cook, and i know i dont know how to cook, i always said, once i have a cooking book i would be able to cook anything, well he got me the cooking books, still havent started! but i will, very soon, maybe today... see my mum cooks, so i dont see the need to cook just yet, when i will HAVE to cook then i will... BTW i make really nice breakfasts..!


practice makes perfect as said above, just let your gf keep practicing and keep giving her encouragement and positive reinforcement when she does something really good... maybe that would shape her up into a good cook...

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maybe she wants you to lose some weight, so she's doing that so you'll eat less.... j/k

maybe she did that on purpose, maybe she wants both of you to cook together, you know, cooking together, eating together, isn't that sweet!

same as the rest, try cooking class.

there are some channels on tv where they teach you how to cook and give you tips on cooking, that will help.

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