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What does it say when ex moves halfway around the country for love?


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There's a lot of other non-essential information but the few mutual acquaintances and I think it's a rather drastic thing to do. We're 28M/27M and were together 3 1/2 years going on 4. On and off the past year and a final break in June of this year. It might be relevant to say he left this guy to return to me only to rebound back to him after our final split.


The new guy also professed his love 2 weeks after meeting him online. Left him a sobbing voicemail 7 minutes long after my ex's return. I question how that emotional state will mingle with a depressed person's.


While I do still have lingering feelings for him I am worried for his well being as he has always been severely depressed. Which was the main reason we didn't workout as he was still in denial about it and refused treatment. He has had several instances during our time together where he has escaped to avoid his unhappiness, only to wind up in even worse situations. I can't help but think this is the epitome of that active phase of depression.


I also realize perhaps getting himself into deep doo-doo might potentially catalyze the realization he needs to get help or the fact this might have a fairy tale ending. So I'm excited for him in those regards.


Thoughts? Experiences?


Lastly I understand I have no right to care about what he does with his life since we're no longer together. I am moving on and pretty happy these days. I no longer love him. But he will always be someone I care about. So a preemptive thank you if this is your sentiment because I appreciate the concern. I'd simply like a few more opinions on the matter.



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I'm having a bit of trouble understanding... Do you mean your ex moved accross the country to be with someone, after you split up from a 3.5yr relationship together?


That's just... a thing. A PITA from a practical perspective, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything of import to the person he was previously in a relationship with (you).


Drastic? Maybe, but it's no more problematic than moving for any other reason.

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