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Male seeking cosmetic opinion (calling all women)


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Recently I went for an eye exam. The Doctor told me I needed a mild correction. I hate… I mean hate putting on glasses. I look like Clark Kent from Superman. Ok here is the question: The doctor sold me tinted blue contact lens instead of the glasses. The eyes I was born with are very light blue or sometimes depending on the light they look light gray. The new tinted lenses are pacific blue, but only change the surrounding portion of the eye letting some of my natural blue eye color to bleed through.


I have been told 4 times in 2 months that my eyes are amazing. Ok now let's jump into the future for a second…Now I am staring into the eyes of a women I am attracted to. She asks me about my eye color and I confess to her that they are a result of my contact lenses. Here is the question: Is the fact that they are not real going to change her perception of me. Is this going to be a turn off to her? (please only women answer)





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It depends on the woman, statisticly speaking, I would bet most women like a guy with blue eyes, but it wouldnt have much of an effect on there liking you or not. It isnt so much the color of your eyes as it is that, doing this may give them the idea that your trying to be someone your not. just a thought though.

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I dated this guy who wore glasses and he told me once that he was going to get green contacts... but his eyes are brown! I didn't find that appealing at all.


Your eyes are blue, your contacts will be blue even if they are different hue. I honestly don't think it will matter to the woman, you need the contacts anyway. I don't think it would change her perception or be a turn off.


It's not such a big deal compared to this other guy who wanted to change his eye color.

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i think glasses look better on some people. kind of depends on the face. they usually end up looking more intelligent anyway.


as for eye colour, i think just try to get it to compliment the rest of your colours well (skin colour, hair colour, etc).

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i wouldn't think it matters... if anything, probably a pleasant surprise. I like gray, purple, bright yellow and weird colored eyes far better than blue eyes.. >_>;;; blue eyes are actually at the bottom of my favorite eye color list.


=D you don't like gray eyes? keke. ^^: bf has yellow eyes sometimes~ it's weird~~~ =DD at least you don't have that.

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the eyes are the window to the soul, how would you feel if someone told you their eye color was fake (which even if they are naturally blue, you're wearing enhancers and that's fake) youd think they were a shallow beast, going from blue to bluer isnt as bad as going from brown to blue, but colored contact lenses make me wanna cry, if the girl really likes you though she will not care, just as long as you tell her the truth about your affected eye color 8) haha

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