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VEnting out and please advise me what to do


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hello. for those of you who has seen my previous post yes this is about the same girl ive been dating, friendzoned then unfriendzoned.



well we were invited to a club last night by her friend, she asked me if i could come, ofcourse i said yes for various reasons, mainly because i know that the friend liked her (she considers him as a friend as per her) and ofcourse the need to protect her.


so as you may know, or if you dont, ive been dating this girl for more over a month now and is really giving me a hard time off everything, which is a stupid trait to persue. but latly she has been very sweet and kind to me, then this guy comes in and she hasnt even known him for 2 days and in the club she was cudling him, i was but hurt, but didnt think too much about it. i thought she was just tipsy or drunk. so what i did the most braging thing possible to do in a club, you see no one was dancing and its already 1:30am. on a rave club? NOT ACCEPTABLE I SAID. so i danced by myself, i do have alot of dancing experience and i envited everyone to dance, at the first 3 mins no one did but i persued to invite and dancing my heart out. eventualy i got the place partying. i invited her to dance with me but she wouldnt, and she said before we went that she really wanna dance. so i invited the guy to dance with her, but the sore looser wouldnt.


she thought it was weird as she told me earlyer on, for me to do that.


so this first atempt was a failure to dance with her. so what i did was invited another hot chick to dance with me, and there were alot i was on fire at this point. she saw this too i was unleashed!, so this girl N, she came up to me and danced, and she whispered " i think youre very hot! and a sexy dancer" we made out in the middle of the dancing area and she was there too. i didnt allowed myself to be but hurt.


finally i was kinda tired and sat down with the group to drink some beer, it was the lst bottle and they told me to finish it quick, which i did so that we can go, the plan was to go hop in another bar, but at this point money became a problem and i had no choice but to go home, i gave her options to come with me or go with them, and to be fair the guy did look trustworthy enough and educated, though it dosent mean that i trust him. i told her that she has been doing this to me, clinging to another guy she just met instead of me, me that took care of her and loved her and she knows that i love her more as a friend and she also said the same thing to me. i told her that she never sees me or chose me, its always a guy she just met and that i was sick of it and now i realised i have 1000000 options out there that its time to part ways that ive already done my best to look after her, and that we cannot be friends anymore.


then i tried to hug her but she pushed me away! littiraly.


so i left the scene and went to N! i got laid that night by a hot chick tho, but it hurts that my friend whom i took care of, raised her up on her time of need, whom admitted that she loves me more than just a friend, is a , and the worse part of it is that i miss her alot i miss taking care of her and protecting her.

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