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  1. alright so its been about 9months since my wife got pregnant and she didnt want to have sex during the pregnancy so i held up for 9 months, and i understood she would need some time after giving birth to heal before sex was even a possibility doctor said it would take 2 months for that to happen and i even waited for 5 months after the baby came, and my wife still wont give me some sex. we're always together 24/7 since we both work from home so i know she isnt seeing anyone at all and im not seeing anyone at all thing is there's only so much a man can endure before he breaks i need some advice.
  2. thanks i was 20 at the time i'm 29 now. yeah i keep her close even though i'm married now
  3. yeah i found that there's a lot of ways around that age restrictions thing on dating apps. its statutory rape, i dont know the specifics tho but would it still be the case if i was deceived for 8 months? and her grand mom and grand dad, do know me and we got along well but they passed away a few years ago too. and her dad was a drug addict and is in rehab multiple times and her mom dont know me at all.
  4. you should live in my country, a 30 year old can look like a 18 year old. she was big in stature about as tall as me probably taller and i never suspected it. my current wife is the same age as me which is 29 and people say she looks 16 or around that age
  5. ok so this happened about 8 years ago. after a brutal breakup with my ex for 2 years i was depressed, during 2011 i got addicted to a few dating apps, my purpose was just hooking up to burry my depression and maybe find a proper girl. suddenly i found JD on her profile there was a phone number and a few of her details, on her profile said "age:22" and she looked the part too. After a week's worth of chatting we finally agreed to meet at my house and hook up. We got along well with shared interest and all, and a few days later we hit it again. we werent anything exclusive but we had a very sexual relationship for about 8 to 9 months when finally she said she wanted to to enter into a BF GF relationship with me and i wanted that too. however she revealed that she was actually 14 and just only turned 15 a few days prior to this confession. i never questioned her age as she looked the part the subject did come up a once or twice and she did say she was 22 and showed me an ID. she revealed that it was a fake ID. at the time i didnt know what to do. I now have feelings to a 15 year old that i thought was 22 all this time. long story short we did see each other a few more times after that but we didnt have anything sexual at all she saw a few guys one the sides and i a few girls. we became best of friends instead and shared everything with each other. we even became homeless together traveled together and we stuck with each other all the way for another 2 years. unfortunately after that 2 years she died a horrible death, she was murdered, the alleged suspects were 3 US marines traveling abroad. i dont want to divulge too much here as justice has not been served at all and probably will never be. I dont even know where she's berried as her family wont say. just trying to get this story out there hope this is ok. after her death i dreamt about her every night of us just playing around in the arcade as that's what she liked to do. and today i still dream of her once or twice and we're still at that arcade.
  6. Thanks everyone reading the comments makes me feel that i'm not alone and this is all normal. it somewhat helps
  7. i do that every night, i make sure she feel safe.
  8. Hi everyone. just seeking some help, im a guy and i just got my GF pregnant, we're both really happy about there's really not much or a problem except that i feel sorry that for my girl puking all the time and feeling nauseated and just over all weak. im not sure what my role is here im just doing all that i can but still feels like i could be doing more.
  9. Hi everyone, hope everyone is safe during these times. to start off, i know i should see a doctor with this, but there's nothing open at the moment, 2 of the nearest clinics near me are closed and its a about a mile or two walk to the next one, with no car and no commuting services in my area due to COVID, im stuck. about a month ago i had a severe neck pain, it was so bad that i couldn't move my upper right body, even my right arm, moving it felt like hell. I was bed ridden for a bout a week and a half before it started to show signs of healing. shortly after i felt like my right arm was getting weaker by the day, at first i didn't think too much about it but its to the point where even lifting a toothbrush is really heavy for me. i can still lift it in certain angles. I am a very fit guy and i take health very seriously, i eat healthy i live healthy. i cant help but think that the neck pain and my arm weakening are connected.
  10. Thanks! yea i've since calmed down and thought about it. she sleeps in my house because she's not cool with her family, if she aint sleeping in my place she's sleeping at her female best friend's place. funny thing is she lives 3 blocks from me. anyways i know what to do now, i think im just gonna give some space/bounderies, i feel like a looser because im acting like a looser around her. Im the nice guy who finish last because i cant get a grip. but yeah today was a wake up call.
  11. Holy ! man you hit it, you're right, i think i am spoiling her too much, i just realized that im becoming the "nice guy who finish last" i've probably realised this a while ago but you're right. I know the smart thing is to move on from her and just find a better partner in life. I also just realise why now i feel like a looser, its because im acting like a looser with her. i cant say no!
  12. so i got this best friend who's a little promiscuous, she spends a lot of time with me in my house and she even sleeps here almost everyday sharing the same bed ( because i only got 1 bedroom and there's no other place for her to sleep in). she's usually open about her sexuality to me and so am i. its jsut that recently i feel a lot of sexual attraction towards her, I think its because i spend a lot of time with her and we're open about talking about sex. HOWEVER she made it clear to me that im in the "big brother" zone. which makes it hard for me to make a move. Sex isnt a problem for me, im 27 years old and im no longer as sexually active as i was, im not actively seeking it too. its just that i really want to break the ice with her physically somehow, this happened to me before and i just went for it, and the girl responded well. Its just times has change im more unsure about this now. hope anyone can help. i dont know what to do, i just have this urge to make a move, but at the same time i dont want to because im scared somehow. I'v asked myself if its more important for me to keep our friendship this way, and i realise the friendship isnt worth keeping. uh im writing this under stress feeling like a total looser. so this might not make sense or it even may sound horrible.
  13. Wow thanks to everyone, that was really encouraging! i think i just need to go by how i look and get a tape measure instead of relying on a scale. im still keeping at it, i just weigh in 140lb yesterday at 16.8% BF, but thanks to these afvice i no longer care about that, i'll just go by how i look now and maybe a tshirt or two ;)
  14. Alright hi everyone, just asking for some fitness advice to anyone who's and expert or maybe had the same experience or know what to do for years i've taken interest in fitness, but just about 8 months ago i decided to take my fitness seriously, and for that time i dedicated myself to a proper diet, and workout routine, it wasn't easy at all. but i am proud of what i have achieved. last December i was at 24% body fat at 50kg (skinny fat i know the sacle is weird) and 2 months ago i was at my leanest, I measured at 66kg at 12% body fat, had abs and all. im just 5'6 BTW. However the problem is that last month i took a week off from my diet as there was a week long event that i got involved in, and it would involve food, not participating in it would've been rude. anyhow. I did feel and gain weight after the event had my belly sag and all like Thor from Endgame. I took it as a challenge to loose that fat and look and feel good again. BUT NOW! according to several scales, the one on my gym particularly where its a high tech scale, and the other one at a near by clinic they all say i got fatter, took several tries and they all say the same thing. the weird part about it is, that i dont feel fat and saggy anymore, im not at the level that i was yet, but i feel the improvements and i see it too. i guess im just looking for some arbitrary number from a scale. but also i am concern for my health? as to where my body is storing all that fat, and if i am at risk of something i dont know yet? PS. i know this is such a shallow post, and believe me, i dont want this to seem like im just raving off my body i dont im quite conservative about it hence why im posting it here than , but i am genuinely concern if this is something that i should be worry about? Hope i dont come across as arrogant as i can see that it could be a thing.
  15. Ok so recently i've been spending a lot of time with my Girl Best friend, she sleeps in my house almost everyday because she dosent really have a home now (long story). anyways i've had some history with her i've known her for 10 years now, and that i think im starting to feel some sexual attraction towards her. cant quite put my feelings on it yet but im pretty sure i want to do it with her. Im not sexless by any means, its just that i cant make a move or i dont know how to make a move or even if i should make a move. i dont hang out with my friends anymore usually i hang out with my clients, business meetings and my gym buddies. and i sleep with a few woman every now and then but not since she moved in. she's quite sexual as well she's always open about her sex life its almost like 50% of our conversation. if this was some other girl i wouldve done something by now. recently we've been just cuddling. but she dosent thing too anything romantic about it i think. neither do i just something physical we share. im a little sleepy while writing this i know my English is all over the place sorry about that.
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