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This might be weird, but I feel something brewing in the air. Like something is going to happen today in relation to this whole breakup, or something is going to happen soon.


It's a weird feeling. Intuition.


Anybody ever had anything like this happen when getting over a breakup? I feel oddly peaceful and almost alarmed by that.

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I know what you mean. Just kind of a surreal feeling. From my experience, I doubt it means anything.


The few times she texted me during NC I "knew" she did before I looked at my phone. Most times it was after I had woken up from sleep or a nap. It's happened with other stuff too, not just the break up. Maybe it's the start of super powers?


To heck with grad school, I'll go patrol the streets of Gotham.

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Yes, did anything happen? If not, no worries. It is a form of denial. Immediately after my breakup some of these feelings were satiated and did come true in a way, but emotions were high and breadcrumbs were coming at me from all directions. Just let it go. Best thing you can do.

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