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For once, a girl with balls...just kidding

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Hey all,


So I'd been seeing this new girl for about three-four weeks. We'd been having a lot of fun together, going to concerts, restaurants etc. As far as I knew, we were getting along just great. But her behavior over the last couple of days has been peculier.


On Thursday after work, I called and she said, "Can I call you right back?" But she never did.


As well, Friday she didn't pick up my calls. Now I HATE not knowing what's going on. So how do I find out without looking like a psycho weirdo. I don't want to keep on calling like I'm desperate...


Thanks gang





P.S. Sorry if it looks as if I'm overreacting. I'm feel like I'm overreacting. Maybe she's just busy. She's just the first girl in months that didn't make me think about my ex, it would be a real shame if it fizzled out like this...

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Drop her. If she's keeping you waiting, after she insisted that she'd call, then drop her. If a person makes a promise to do something, they better stick with it. You have every right to be upset. Nothing's wrong to feel that way. In fact, this tells me a lot about her, either:


1. She's not taking you seriously, not feeling it.

2. Immature, and wants to play games.


A person who has good intentions for you, will follow through with their actions. If not, if they're playing games with you, then you don't have to waste your time. Dating doesn't have to be that difficult. In fact, if she's flaky like this now, then think about how she'd be like as a 'long-term' partner. Not reliable, is she? If I were you, I wouldn't invest too much emotions into her. I wouldn't take her seriously. Besides, her actions are asking for it anyway.


You deserve better! Plenty of fishes out there. She's not the last. Get out there and have fun. Don't focus your emotions onto her. She's not worth it.

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I got a few questions. How often have you seen each other? How often do you call her? How available do you make yourself? What kind of things have you told her?


It could be anything. I wouldn't talk to her again until she calls. The ball's in her court. Don't wait by the phone though, go out with your boys, and recruit some more ladies so you won't be trippin on just one. Go out and collect butterflies. If you don't call her, she'll most likely call you, but don't be so eager to hang. Keep it short and sweet and tell her you'll call her next week. Go collect butterflies. Call her next week(not a weekend, those are for your new butterfly hobby) and have a fun plan. It seems to me that many women like what they can't have!

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Hey kalshane,


Well, I called her and we talked for about ten minutes. We hang out about twice a week, call each other every day. I make myself pretty available, which is what I think might kill it.


How do I kind of make sure she doesn't loose interest in me? I'm a good guy, drive a nice car, good-looking, funny. We just lead busy lives. What are some strategies I can use to really reel her in? I am the man at picking up chicks and having a really good first date. But I'm not a finisher. I need to work on that aspect now that I'm trying to settle down a bit.

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Whassup Nick,


Just be patient. If she's the one, then it should happen naturally. You wouldn't want to rush into anything, right? When you go out with her again, just make sure you have something fun and/or unusual planned that doesn't require much loot. Check out what's happening around your town for that. Since she's been hangin' with you already, your personality has already attracted her. If you don't mind me askin', WHY would you even want to settle down... YOUR 21! I could understand if you were my age, but a guy like yourself should be chillin, man about town, exploring the options, sowing the oats, waxin and milkin', etc...

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Well, she called me today and said she wasn't ready for a relationship. She apologized and said I was a great guy, yadda yadda yadda.


Finally. A girl with balls. I respected the fact that she called me and told me that, instead of the juvenile not-picking-up-the-phone crap. I thought it was a classy move and I told her so. She was a great girl, but these things happen.




What's going on playa? It know it does sound weird wanting to settle down at my age. But for the past four years, I've lived a very, very fast lifestyle. For a while, it was almost a different girl every night. Personally, I was getting tired of it and I wanted to slow down. I just hate having to go back to square one. It's really frustrating after you've invested time and money into someone. I guess it's back to the library and church to start waxin and milkin' again...haha




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