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The Last Vestiges. Letting go completely.

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It's been a quite the year since October 14, 2012. That day should've been a celebration of our third year together and the start of the fourth. Instead it was the last day of "us". I remember all the pain. The chill in the air. The tears that followed. The darkness I wandered through. All the questions I asked. The why's and how's and what if's. The change to fall colors and brisk weather almost brings me right back to a year ago, but I am much to healed to be able to feel that pain anymore.


This is more of an apology than anything else. I'm so sorry for all the mean things I ever said. All the times I should've made decision B instead of A. I'm sorry for the times I was lazy, incondsiderate, selfish, ungrateful. I'm sorry for all the times I put me first instead of you.


Although you will never get to see it, I'm a totally different person than I was then. I have you to thank for that. There's more "you" in me than I ever realized. You are a beautiful, kind, generous, and just a fantastic human being. If only I had taken the time to realize that when we were still together. It's sad that our demise was the catalyst for my change and revelation.


Even though at this moment I have decided to totally let you go, I will never forget you.


Please remember me.

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Really sweet.


We all make mistakes and regrettably some of them can't be taken back.


Good on you for realising your part in this. You've obviously learnt from the experience so you now know not what to do in the future. Stay aware.


And the best of luck to you

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