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I had a short lived dramatic love affair with this guy. He acted very intense and serious. But there were some red flags which made me hesitant-

his ex gf with whom he had been broken up with for several months broke into his apartment. She wasent over him. He still felt like he needed to talk to her so i said," if you feel like that i understand, but we cant hang out bc its going to cause drama. And this stuff hurts my feelings" so a couple of weeks go by. And we start talking again. Again, he acted very intense and serious and told me what i wanted to hear. The sex life was fantastic..i fell for him, even though deep down, i knew things were off with him. He told me that he was still going to talk to his ex sometimes, but that it would eventually go away..so i said,"im worried that your giving her the wrong idea but i will trust you"..a few months go by and his ex attempted suicide and ended up in the hospital. She sent him a letter saying it was his fault..he ended up going to the hospital, hanging around her family ect..again, i was like ". I cant be in the picture right now..a month goes by. We start talking again. He tells me he loves me. And then...he completely blows me off....giving me dramatic sob story about how "he cant be with anyone. And needs to work on himself. And im the one that got away"...


Sooo..it turns out. He had another gf the entire time!..no, not the ex! Ha..he started seeing this girl a few months before me. She had no idea. I told her everything, and she still moved in with him. He told me "i bailed on him when that stuff happened with his ex. And he never felt like i really cared about him."


I know this situation is crazy. I could really use your insite on this. ??really..im so afraid to date another person like this im starting counceling...

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What a dog ....the things people do to each other , I had to read the bit about him actually having a third girl twice ...no way ..it's unreal .

You really have dodged a bullet as they say ..can you imagine what it will be like , the girl who has moved in with him knows he was with you and if that wouldn't make you insecure enough there is yet another one who is attempting suicide ..what a lovely start to living together !!!!


when your hurt has gone darling you will look back at this and be glad you're shut of him .

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Ugh, what an asshat that one turned out to be. However I would have you look at this another way--as a learning experience in trusting yourself. You knew something was off about him and you knew it nearly right away, but you chose to ignore that gut instinct and the red flags that you saw. You weren't wrong, so know that and acknowledge that when somebody seems surrounded by craziness and they bounce in and out of your life or do things that seem off then something is indeed rotten in Denmark as they say. Personally whenever I get the "I have a crazy ex" I excuse myself pretty fast from the entire picture, because I just see too many times that it's used to cover up what the person themselves is doing--i.e. either they are doing things like sleeping with the ex and leading them to believe they'll get back together all while dating and pursuing you and other people OR there never was a crazy ex to begin with. They just use it in case you find something and they can say, "That earring in my bed belongs to my crazy ex" OR "that guy who saw us on the street together and started screaming cusswords at us is my crazy ex".


Use this as a lesson in learning to trust your instincts and not buy into the whole crazy ex routine. Plus after the first time they up and disappear with little to no explanation, no good one anyways, it usually masks deeper problems as well.

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Wow eff him honey. Hes not worth it. He didn't and never loved. Such is sometimes the sad truth in relationships. I'm sorry this happened. Go out dating or wait but just don't go back to him. Reading this just makes me mad, reminds of my ex. He's a cheater, have peace of mind that he will always be that. Whether they know about it and whether they care or not or whether they are proud of it.

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