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what does a guy look for in a girl

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if you're talking about what attracts a guy at first glance, here are my answers:


-cute face and hair

-tall, slim figure (cause i'm tall and skinny)

-cute clothing (girls in hoodies are so cute)


if you mean what do i look for in girlfriend material:


-a girl who respects her body and her mind - this is by far the biggest thing for me.



i don't think i ask for much as far as girlfriend material goes. as long as you possess those two things above, i will see a beautiful girl.

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i'm talking about any girl that wears a hoodie, not just skater girls (a breed of female i don't think i've ever seen before anyway ) keep in mind that i just happen to think those look good on a girl partly because it's cute and partly because it shows they don't feel like they have to wear tight clothes or revealing clothes to be attracive. hoodies tend to hide your figure, particularly the boobitage area.

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attitude.. gotta be sweet and nice yet not too fast.. and of course pretty.. usually i prefer taller girls but later its been shorter girls and yah sometimes hoodies look good on girls but i prefer other things i guess? i mean i kinda prefer somethig a lil more revealing lol

A vitazane


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for me the first thing that i look at is her over all apearance. if the girl is really fat or really skinny or really short or tall i stop right their, but if thats good then i check these things in order of importance


1.face - the face is the most important thing, because thats what you want to look at, thats what you want to kiss, thats what you remember about the girl, and a good haircut is good too, but i can't tell you what type of hair is good cuz it depends on the girl if your going to have it long i like wavy hair, not too curly cuz that looks like fluff, and not too straight cuz girls when they have hair that goes straight down it makes their face look long and weird


2.boobs - i don't care about huge boobs, i just don't want a totally flat girl. and also i don't want implants i rather have real small boobs than implants


3.butt - if shes got a nice butt thats great, thats what you look at when the girl is leaving or walking away, and it makes you want more of her


for those three things i just said if a girl has 2 out of the 3 good then shes usually good


now aside from physical apearance i also like these things not in order tho


1. i like a girl that is real and down to earth, girls like cheerleaders and stuff their hot too look at but their attitudes are so fake its terrible


2. i like a girl that does cute things, i know this girl that when she scratches her nose she does it in this super cute way that makes me smile when i see her


3. i like a girl that smiles when shes talking to me. not all the time cuz that will get old. i know a girl that has a smile that when she smiles i have to smiley because she looks so beautiful and it makes me so happy, but i know a girl that i don't like and her smile is awful and she smiles alot and i can't stand it


4. i like a girl thats funny in cute ways. i guess this is kinda the same as number 2. like what i mean is not funny like she tells good jokes, i mean she does things that make me smile and she tells stories that make me happy and sometimes laugh. i know a girl that when she gets mad she tries to act all tough and stuff but in a really cute way and i think its hilarious


5. also somethings that are big turnoffs are girls that smoke, do drugs, drink, lost their virginity, are "loose" and so on.


well thats pretty much my list. i think thats what most nice guys like. like i know that lots of guys are jerks and stuff and those guys really just like a girl with a nice body, big boobs, and a nice butt. but those guys are no good. they just want sex.

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First things that attract me to a girl are Face(Smile and eyes). They should be slim, and look as if they care about their own body.


For a Grilfriend, they need a sense of humour, eat right(may sound strange, but if they look after themselves then they are they right personality), needs to be kind but does not let others walk over them. And another Major one is they need to be smart, and enjoy travel(ie travelling gives people culture)

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usually i date blonds, have to have beatuiful eyes and tan skin. ccasionally i will date a girl that isn't up to my physical standards but has a good personality. You know the kinda girl that you can see yourself trusting. Also no fat chicks, sorry if that offends anyone.


And how much do you pay these 'blonds'...?

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