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what does a guy look for in a girl

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I think guys and girls are really looking for the same things in a relationship. Guys want someone who they can relate to and enjoy being around. They want someone who shares similar interests, hobbies, values, and beliefs. They want someone honest and caring, someone who they can share themselves with on an intimate and personal level. Guys want someone who they can have fun with and yet are close enough that they can be serious too. Someone they can talk for hours with but are comfortable just holding each other. Guys might say they have certain physical preferences but in the end looks won't be what a guy want. Its the girls personality, heart, and spirit that a guy really falls in love with. Overall, guys want a girl that they share a special bond with. It's hard to explain but it is a feeling you get when the other person understands you completely.


And I love the way the topic of hoodies took over this thread.

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casual: behavior, hair, body, face, smile, laughter [ it can be annoying or sexy ] clothing, overall look


casual means when you just randomly come accross a girl on street these are usually the things you look at.


the real things: smile[ i fell in love with my current sweetheart cause of this ], body [ yes it does matter a bit, im just not into ugly cows, im sorry ], a good face which you could gaze upon for days, a good personality that fits your own, some personal things which differs from guy to guy.


Personally I like a bit b1tchy personality, I have a thing for dark hair, I don't like skinny girls, honesty, a good brain.

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