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Bullying By Former Crush Help

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There's this kid Dylan that I used to have a major crush on and he liked me as well but things went bad between us but it got worse. I beat him in something in our civics class together and now he won't stop calling me kankles and making really mean comments. My friend evan told him to stop which he did... for about 2 weeks and now he's back at it. I'm tough, and I'm known for being tough in my school b/c I do martial arts and what not, but I'm very sensitive about name calling, and standing up to it, I need help.

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bust the boy in his chin, about 5 lbs of pressure and he'll be down and out....na just kidding lol, what you need to do is just tell him hes pathetic and not show him its bothering you because he will most likely stop then as he will notice that whatever he does, its not affecting u (or effecting you i dunno i can never decipher between them lol) anyways, if that doesnt work, make a mockery of him n beat on him lol



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