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no contact for one whole month - will he really come back?

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it's been 6 days since our break up. my boyfriend (or ex rather) needed time apart, about a month without contact, to think things through and to see why we fought so much in the past. he said that in order for us to have a chance together, we needed to try something different, hence the time apart. i asked him if this was his way of breaking up with me and he said no, that to trust him because this will only be good for us. Also, he said we have a good chance of getting back together again because it's not like he doesn't love me anymore. It's because he cannot handle alot of the pressure I give him and also some of the fits I threw when things didn't go my way (i know it sounds bad).


Guys - want do you think? Is he being sincere? I know it's hard to judge but at least from what he's said, does it sound hopeful for me? Thank you.

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i'm still hopeful, that's why i'm scared. the funny thing is that ever since i left his house last week, i haven't shed a single tear. there's no doubt that i love him very much and still want to be with him but i'm actually more emotionally sound than i thought i would be. we've broken up before (but only for a day) but during that time I was a wreck. anyway, i guess what i'm trying to ask is do you think he will ever come back? he said there's a 90% chance - would he say that if he didn't mean it? it's been 6 days and i've made no attempt to contact him per his request but i always wonder if he misses me or thinks about me. for the past 2.5 years, we've never gone a day without talking and now i haven't even received one single email from him to see if i'm ok. opinions?

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Im in the same situation as you.... I dont doubt my bf (ex now) will come back.... We dont see each other very often and this has been going on for 4 weeks but when we do, he tells mehe loves me... Last night I found out now that he isnt avoiding seeing me anymore.. he says now he is seeing me every chance he gets... Since our breakup he has taken up working out 4 days a week with a buddy so those evenings are out of the question (except last night and tonight he will be over cause we are planning a trip and him joining the military...


I think we just need to trust them and give them some time.. How long have you two been together for? Ive been with my guy for 4.5 years

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i was in the same situation w/ my ex, 3 years ago,,, i went crazy on him too when he said that we should take a break, b/c he felt pressured and told me that it will be good for us. I even said that i know that he was gonna move onwith someone else but he got angry and said maybe i will but he won't. After that he started acting a little weird. Anyway, i told him that he could take a break as long as he wants but he didn't take a break but he met someone and broke up w/ me. Anyway, that was 3 years ago. And after that we didnt' have any contact what so ever. And last week he came back and asked for a 2nd chance, and when i asked him why he broke up with me , he told me he was immature but he changed now and wants a 2nd chance....anyway, i am seeing someone else now so i didn't go back w/ him but i miss him though....


anyway, i don't know what you are gonna take from this but life is full of surprises...

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my boyfriend (or ex) have been together for 2.5 years. and no, he's definitely not seeing anyone. my situation is pretty straight forward - we fought alot due to our circumstances (we both moved back to his home country after graduation, we both haven't found jobs and aren't on the right track career wise, and we live and see each other 24/7) and because of that, he cannot handle it anymore. he feels that the relationship might be holding him back. but after we talked, we agreed on time apart to think things through and see where we ncould improve.


however, he wanted no contact to see how it is to live without me. this idea scares me to death because i love him and don't want to lose him. but he said that obviously, by being together and being in each other's faces all the time is actually making it worse.


i guess it's weird for me not to hear his voice anymore or see him at all. also he changed his email passwords. me too.

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