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I like a gr 9 girl and I am in gr 12

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I recently just noticed a girl that goes to my school. She is in gr 9 as I am in gr 12. I have not talked to her yet I dont even think she knows who I am but shes is very good looking and no one seems to really notice her but me. I have 2 questions what should I do. My friends tell me all the time to talk to her but if I just go up to her one day out of the blue and talk to her wont she think I'm just trying to be funny or stupid. And 2nd is gr 12 dating a gr 9 a big age difference or is it farelly normal?

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The age difference at your age can be rough, especially from a parents point of view... Honestly, I know this is hard to believe but what your friends think really doesn't matter. But, in this case, they are encouraging you to talk to her.


You will definitely get some weird reactions from some of the other kids, for sure. But, if you really like her, then I say you talk to her.

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I understand that but Alot of my friends have been dating gr 9's. A few years ago it was not that common but now more and more people do it all the time. I dont think people will have a problem with that. But i just dont know what to say to her. A 9th grader I dont want to intimidate her. I want her to like me. What would some people say would be a nice way to start things off with a younger girl like that?

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Thanks for the replys guys. But i am not too worried about the age gap anymore its talking to her. I saw her outside school today with some friends and had the perfect chance to go and say something to her but i fell apart and didnt do anything lol. Its alot harder then I thought. I just dont know what i would say to her.

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But I am disagreeing with the previous posters. I really think its very very wrong for a grade 12er to date a grade9er. You are much older than her and have too much power over her. Even if there is nothing sexual, it still seems inappropriate for you to date someone that much younger. There is nothing wrong with liking her, and I am sure you care for her very much. But be willing to wait a couple of years until it is more appropriate. I am sure she is worth waiting for.

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I don't know the situation at your school, but where I am, there are a few 3 grade difference relationships. 1, or even 2 are more common, but it's not out of the ordinary.


but, remember, your friends might not think that way. I have a friends who is in grade 11, and is going out with a girl in grade 8, but he met her when she was in grade 7. Something about her being in elementary school caused us to think it was weird, and we bugged him about it. Also, they met at a Fair, and she is a hoar, but hey... who am I to judge?


Anyway, it's not weird, but if your friends laugh at you, just ignor it. I don't think it's really inapropriate or anything.


Good luck.

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I'm goin through the same thing... the bad thing is... this girl's mom is a teacher and I don't know how all of it will pan out.

we've shared moments of me catching her when she about fell down a set of bleechers then I got a real good thank you look and she wouldn't let go of my hand. but i know 4 years is alot esp. in the talk of grades and being this young. I don't see why you just can't kick it or something instead of getting involved in a relationship. friends aren't always a terrible thing to make esp. in this situation.



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There is nothing wrong with it at all. The only problems I can see with the situation are that the girls parents are going to be a little wary of your intentions with her for a while, and you MAY cop some flak from friends and peers, but I dont really see it as that big of an issue. As your friends suggested you should talk to her and take things from there...good luck

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