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im still down n i dunno what to do

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you can find the full details of my story here


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basically its only been a few days now since SHE decided on the no contact crap, basically im missing her bad...and learning new things like now shes moving out from her parents house etc etc n its just getting me down because i feel that she doesnt even feel anything for me when i know deep down she must...i cant understand y she doesnt wanna try again.....do u think there is a chance we will get back together? because i do love her so much, more then she will ever know but i dunno what to do



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my g/f decided 4 years ago she was better off without me, that she didn't love me anymore and stuff and quickly after initiated no contact. i haven't seen of heard from her since. i still love her though and dream about her every night. you can't win when love is unreciprocated.

i just read your story diagonally. i think there's some parallels. we were together for 9 months... then in 3 or 4 weeks she changed, saying she's matured a lot and stuff. we lived 200 miles apart at the time.

anyways i hope you deal with it better than i did.

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ok well she just spoke 2 me a bit earlier and said she will never get back with me...im 2 immature..(bull lol)...shes looking 4 sum 1 more manly...but whats more mature then some 1 who admits their feelings...i dunno guess now i have to move on 4 good....ill always love her....and in time if she does ever miss me n want me back (which i doubt) i will get back with her...im here for her but im jst dying right now lol but at least i no where i stand fully.... ...duznt mean it doesnt hurt, she kinda filled a gap in me that nobody else could and now that hole is back and i fee like crying or throwing up i just dunno what to do with myself worse thing is i have never gone through this before so i dont even know how to handle it, but ladies...have u ever said or done anything like this to a guy such as tell him you dont love him anymore etc but then later missed him and wanted to get back with him, because as foolish as it sounds i still wana be with her badly.....have any of u ladies ever tried 2 get back with that guy?.....by the way...does anybody know any managers of record labels or anything like that as i sing and want a record deal but need to do some demos...thanx 4 ur time



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Hey, check out my web page. (college site) I'm the 4th one down. Shaunacy, I'm goung to be moving back overseas here shortly and Always looking for new projects. Take a listen to those 3 tracks and see if it's of intrest. About your girl tho, I dont know what to tell you except theres not much you can do. Respect her and her wishes. Maybe over time she'll change her mind, but dont live off of that. Go out and have fun. Good luck PD

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yo i cant get any of the tracks to play my friend i dunno why they just dont wanna, plus i forgot to mention im into more of the RnB scene so if u do that then its all good but if not then do you know anybody who does? regardless of if you do im sure we can work something out lol...thanx 4 ur concern bout my prob aswel

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All you can do is work on yourself and make yourself a better man. Enjoy life in spite of the situation. She will bump into you again, it may be 2 weeks, 2 months a year, just make certain that you have made physical, mental and emotional improvements on yourself.


Take her comments as a challenge to improve yourself. One of two things will happen; she will see the improvements and come running back to you or you will attract someone else.

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I understand exactly what you are saying...im gonna try and do exactly that..learn from this and ry to move on its just that obviously im hurting and everrrrything reminds me of her and i was gonna propose 2 her on our year anniversary (thats how close we were) but i guess i was wrong to think of her as my soul mate, but i will find it hard to find another as i no for a fact i wil compare her (which i will try to avoid) and it depends on if i can find some 1 who lives closer who is mature enough for me...only time will tell i guess....any 1 have any tips on how to get through that end of the break up and self make up stage?

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