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How should I do this?


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I'll try to keep this as brief as possible.


During summer, I worked at a restaurant. And during that time, I met a girl there that still today I can't stop thinkin' about her. While at work, we never really talked much, maybe a few hi once in awhile. Although we did get to talk once. After 2 months of being too shy to approach her.. I decided to leave a note on her car's windshield. Next day at work we didn't talk at all, I was too embarrassed to be near her.. and we never really talked still 'cept for the few HIs and what not. On my last day of work, I left her another note on her windshield with my cell # on it, but haven't heard from her.


Anyways, it's been awhile now and I still go there to eat once in awhile. And most of the time, I see her at work. Whenever she sees me, she would always go "hey!" or "hey kit..." and smile at me.


Now, I'm not sure if I haven't heard from her because she doesn't like me at all. Or just as shy as I am to talk to me, or maybe even waiting for me to be the one that starts the convo with her.


I still think about her, and want to get to know her better.. but I don't know how to do this. Should I..

1. Approach her the next time I see her at work, and asks if she ever got those notes I left her.

2. Approach her and asks her if she'd like to go out sometime.

3. Approach her and asks if I could get her #.

(All of the above will be assuming that I'll quit being a wuss and do approach her.)

or 4. Take the fact that she's probably not interested and should just try to move on.


Any advice would be nice to hear.

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I am by no means a dating pro. Hell I've only been out on a couple but I would consider myself a decent flirter. The one thing you don't want to do is not talk to her (just saying hi doesnt count) then ask her out. For future reference you might want to scrap leaving notes on girls cars. It might work if you initiate a conversation more than hi and do something like tie a ballon to it or something. But if I were a chick I think I would get weirded out.


In the same turn while I'm not afraid to talk to women I am afraid to ask them out. I can flirt with them all day but I just can't ask them out. You seem to be the other way around you need to flirt more. If you learn to initate a conversation I bet you could get her to go out with you if all goes well.

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I'd say your at the wrong place to get advice like this. Most of the people on this forum have little or no practical experience, and will just give you their opinion on how they 'think' things are.


If i was you, i'd stop getting hung up on one girl, and spending time wondering whether she likes you or not. There are so many good looking women in this world that if you met a new one every night for the next year, you probably wouldn't have even met 1% of them.


If it really means that much to you, next time you see her, go up to her with confidence, and ask her if she's single, if yes say 'good, write your number down here.' Then, say Thanks, and walk away, and if it doesn't work out, MOVE ON.



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Out of curiosity Steve, who are you referring to that has no practical experience?


I do agree with Steve about not getting hung up on one girl, and agree that you need to have confidence, but I am not a big fan of the brusque approach unless all you are trying to do is get laid.

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Out of curiosity Steve, who are you referring to that has no practical experience?


That's just my general view on a lot of the replies people have made on this forum, from what they say, it seems as if they have no idea what they are talking about.


What i told him to say was just a rough guideline, in reality it doesn't really matter what you say, so long as you are confident and are a 'man' about it.



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