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Initiated Flirting But Is something happening a possibility?


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I'm currently in grd 11, and just got back on my bus. On my bus is ryan a guy ive bin eyein for quite some time. He's a grade older and we flirt like mad, and he returns it but I wanna know how I can tell if he has feelings as well, and if so how can I turn it into something?

I'm not shy when it comes to these things usually but I need some help.

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Ahhh the list goes on and on and on... If he flirts with you the chances are that he has some feelings for you... but the hard part is knowing if he likes you enough to ask you out. Best way: Ask HIM out, but since I know that's probably not likely here are some common signs.


You catch him staring at you

He makes an effort to talk to you or be around you.

Play a little hard to get and see how he reacts.


The best way to find his real feelings are to make sure you talk with him alone because others can make him embarrassed

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He's a guy....he is flirting like mad; i bet he likes you. Flirt harder and make some notions you like him obvious. He might not see it as being as obvious as you do, so if you said your not shy, ask him to ask you out. It just seems to be sexier than being asked out straight up!


Good luck

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Well here's the thing. We're on the bus, and we're the only two on the bus from the highschool and highschool gets the backseats, but he runs on and lies down at the back *so i sit on him* and that's every day. He's always using sexual inuendos, and for eg. semi is tomorrow and he's asking me all the questions bout my dress and makin me save him a dance etc. But at school he just nods, or doesn't acknowledge me at all, so is it just a flirting thing? Cuz i don't wanna put myself out there and then be stomped on.

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You mentioned you were the only 2 people from highschool on that bus. Sorry, but I think that he's just talking/flirting with you to pass the time/for fun (who else is he going to talk to on the bus?), because at school all he does is nod at you. If he really liked you I think he would do more than nod.

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Well he asked me to semi... and surprise surprise I said no. I already had a date and I'm glad I went with him (this was lastnight). We went as friends but then we had a connection and what not and some kissing and now we're dating. Wish me luck, and thanks for all the advice.

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