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Strike up a convo on AIM?

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Okay, there's this girl, obviously, who I somewhat know. We've talked a couple times, her friend tells me she likes me, I like her, and we've even planned a group setting type thing with her friend. That's this weekend. Until then, the only way I can talk to her is through AIM. I have no classes with her, and it's a rare time I see her in school. So AIM is the only way. Anyone know some good ways to strike up a conversation with her? We share the same tastes in music, so that will help me, but I want to know more about her then just music. Anyone know any good conversation starters that don't sound like I'm trying to get to know her even though I am?

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Well I dont know if this is how it is where you are, but usually when people around here talk to each other on AIM, it always goes the same way at the beginning. ex:




"what's up"

"not much, you"

"nothing much here"


Personally, I hate that, but it's almost standard when youre talking to someone, cause it is like a courtousy thing. Instead of just being like "how are you? good, you?" and things of that nature, I would just actually answer. You could mention your family, or talk about your siblings or something, and then ease into asking about her.


Eventually you'll just start talking about different subjects naturally. I wouldn't try to force it too much, since you dont really know her too well yet. Also, if you spill your guts online or she tells you a lot about herself, it can be awkward when you actually talk to her in person. Just my thoughts, hope they helped. good luck though!

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