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I am having issues with trust this is what happened when I first starting dating this guy he had taken pictures of himself with other females while we were seeing each other. which upset me but we werent committed yet so I gave him the benifit of the doubt, but last week I went through his computer and found more pictures that were recent and we are now commited I confronted him on it. and ended the relationship. for days he has been sorry and repeatedly asks for my forgiveness and to take him back. I decided to but the thing is now I find myself going through his things even more and I cant trust him. There is that fear in the back of my mind and it is eating me up inside. He is upset at me for going through his things and that I have violated his trust in that aspect. I dont think I can put it behind me and I feel that he will hurt me agian. any advice on what I should or need to do.

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Most guys like to look at pictures of men with lots of women, but I thought it was rare that the guy actually gets with the women and takes a picture of them himself....it is kind of weird, and if he is doing this without telling you it is really wrong...


You should ask him where he meets them, he may in a dating service. It sounds like he wants an open relationship, and if you dont want that, then I don't know if there is any resolution...

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I believe he may have a problem, he says he is sorry and that he wont ever do it again. but it messes with my head. he says he loves me and that he doesnt want to lose me but I dont know if I can take that chance to see if he is telling the truth. of course if I have a chance I am gonna go through his computer and my fear is I will find the same thing a few months later and be hurt and upset with myself for not walking away sooner but then again I want to believe him. If only I knew

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I'm glad I was not the only one that was going to ask if they were nude photos.


All I can say you better be using protection. It could possibly be some strippers that he is friends with. Not to hard to find.


What he is doing is more like an addiction, the idea of him never doing it again would be rare, this is probably more of a necessity for him.


My suggestion, get out, get some STD tests done, because these type of girls been around and are stereo-typical druggies.


Good Luck


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I'm sorry that you are going through this, but I am glad that you had the sense and strength to break up. Good for you that you stood up for yourself.


If he is cheating on you already, then I would guess he will keep on cheating. This is one of those big red flags that you should not ignore. I'm sorry but I do think you should not take him back. Ever.


You should have someone who loves and values you. Not someone who will go behind your back.


Take care of yourself.

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