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hey i kno that this isnt going to be as liberal as all of the other posts but if you read my other one you might be able to follow along ok as some of you might now i lost my virginity at 15 to a guy whom i love who is 18 and things have been a little rocky and i dont kno if there going to get better although i had only received 2 replys inwhich i would have like to have gotten more but the advice i had gotten was great and i did infact try some but not all of it.. i told him today after last night having sex (((might i add that we have only had sex in the past 5 months 3 times))) that i wanted to take a break from the relationship.. and he told me NO he told me that im his everything and that if i wasnt with him he wouldnt be anything... he told me that i was the most important thing in his life.. and that he couldnt do with out me.. i told him that we needed a break and he took it hard started to hit stuff and just get really mad and frustrated... so we talked it over and stuff but i wouldnt really say were co0oll he told me that he wouldnt let our "seperation" happen but to me we are infact separated atleast for now.. but i wanted to kno he tells me he loves me but yet always some how brings up sex and when were in public places he wont kiss me or hug me or show affection and that agervates me... ok wen we 1st went out he broke up with me because in school i wouldnt hold his hand or kiss him infront of people.. but before we even started to go out i told him that stuff between us would be weird cuz im not use to going out with people i mean i like my space and plus i got burned as in played to much ya kno but i mean wats the diffrence for him??? he can break up with me for that same reason but i cant to him?? for the SAME EGZACT reason??? i dont kno wut to do any more i need serious help and serious advice would be greatly apprecitaedd.. im affraid to.. im afraid to leave him alone or be truly honest wit him because i feel that he is suicidal... what do i do????? pleasee pleaseeee pleaseee help mee thxx!!

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Its funny how some1 who supposidly cares for u so much won't kiss or hug u in public.


I don't really understand this though because u also mention when u first were seeing each other that he broke up with u because u wouldn't show affection at school


Its made all the more weird that at school people know your ages and might frown on the fact he's 18 and your only 15.

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yea but the 1st time we went out the AGE and people lookin at me was a little weird but i dont kno he says its weird for him in public like he'll kiss me an stuff like that but he will like look around to see if any one is there and if people are watchin and stuff like that and its not frowned upon in hazleton that much as it used to be and he'll be 18 in january~! so0o..

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