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ouija boards, dangerous or fun??

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hey everyone. okay some friends and i tried out a ouija board, and it SORT OF WORKED, but alot of people give warnings and such. does anyone have stories about the ouija boards you find in stores? i mean are there any dangers, do you think its just a game? just some opinions wanted. i have a story but...we'll see what you guys have lol. thanks, im just wondering what you guys think about it. bye!

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I stay away from it now too...


but I still think if you play with respect it's not that bad.


expect to have things happen to you and the people around you if you play though.


Oh... don't make a wish on that board. Don't EVER make a wish on that board.

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Hi goddess (hehe I like saying that),


Ok, The general opinion i've heard on ouija boards is that when they are really "working" its more on an unconscious level. Of course you occasionally have a session on an ouija board where one person decideds to mess around with everyone and consciously writes out messages while going "omg! This is so crazy! Whats happening?" but the majority of the so called "supernatural" events deal more with one of the users/players/whatever you call them unconsciously spelling out messages to people. I mean that sometimes people get so "into it" that they start to move the thinger without even knowing it, and thus are just as surprised at its percieved movment as everyone else at the board. Thats not to totally dicount the supernatural and psychic mediums and whatnot, thats just what i've heard to be the cause of many ouija board "events."


On that note, I do have an ouija board story, and although it didn't actually happen to me I was witness to it. When I was in 5th grade there were a few people who used to bring in a board and mess around with it before school, and i used to hang around and watch them (I never participated, as this was before i totally devloped the skepticism and cynicims that seem to come oh so natural these days). Anyway, one monday morning the wer messing around and "got something" and started asking questions, and all was fine and realitively un-spooky until they asked for a name. The thinger naturally pointed to the letters of some name (I don't remember the exact name it spelled out) and one of the participants proceeded to freak out. Eveoidently the name spelled out was that of his grandfather, who had evidently dies over the weekend (this fact was later confirmed when class started and the teacher said something about it). Now like i said, i don't know wiether it was actually a supernatural event, or what, but this guy was literally scared to the point of tears, and he was one of these jock/bully types and i doubt he is the type who could pull off that kind of performance for a prank now, let alone in 5th grade. I'm willing to be t it was the unconscious striking again, it had to be something on his mind, and to my knowledge nobody else there knew his grandfather's name.


Well that wound up being kind long, bu8t htere's my thoughts and story on ouija boards.


hope that helped,



P.S. "thinger" is a technical term

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Here we go. I was heavily involved with the Ouija board when iwas 15 and 16. Me and some friends used to "play" on it every single day. We had a "spirit" buddy who we talked to every day, in general we'd ask about are daily events, babes, and the future crap like that.


We had some really great times on the board, there was times when someone around the board would say something in a kind of emotionless voice and we would ask, what did you say? Only you can't remember saying anything. Me and a friend said something at the same time we couldn't remember, on another occasion me and the same friend heard another friend say something he doesn't remember saying. And then one time me and my friend were playing on a makeshift board we made out of the box for the OUija with writing the letters on it. We were talking to a not so friendly person who started going all evil and weird saying he was going to kill us and stuff like that. It was scary as s h it, the indicator moving like crazy around the board, just bad energy you could feel it. Anyways we finished that, and went for a walk to the store i took the makeshift board and ripped it up and brought it with us. On the walk there I scattered it on the ground and continued to walk.


I'll stick with the way this story really goes even though you're all thinking of the cool movie type ending that would be really crazy, but hey this is crazy enough and it really happened.


On the walk back, drinkling our slurpees, my friend starts ranting about "we are gonna go back to the house, put the board back together and try again" I say WHAT? And he goes "what'd I just say" i told him. AT this point we are both pretty scared and kinda freaqkin out. We continue walking and then my friend gives this look of utter fear. The way he looked at me made me scared. He goes" Do you know what you just said?" I say NO. "You were whistling and then you looked at me and said 'I'm going to kill you'.


WOW, that was a wild time. That was the end of the everyday sessions with the OUija Board we did go back on , months later never that addicted though.


I agree with the other poster who said it's unconscious energy moving it.


I think for it to work you can't have any ignorant people even around it. They just make fun of it cause they're scared and programmed to be that way. My advice is, go for it, use it if you want to have a good time. You can get to know your friends alot closer and a little possesion never hurt anyone, right? HAHA.

I could tell stories for pages... let me know if anyone wants to share any, that's be great.

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I didn't want to share anything in public.. lol.. ^^: I sent her a pm.


I can totally relate to what happened to you above... partly why I will never play that again.


A really important thing with the indicators.. when they don't move under decent control, move the indicator back to where it came from before you let go of anything. Tell the indicator that it has to go back because this session is ending, beg or plead or whatever, don't be scared and just force it back. If the two of you can't bring it back make another person push it back. It should drop and stop moving then.



I hate sounding like a spirital believer but I used to play those a lot and weird things happened to me too.

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If you ever try it, please make sure you have at least two people on the board and more people in the room. Keep the windows open and don't play at night. From my past experience, the more people in the room the less supernatural things will happen.


If you did get it to work, make sure you ask the plate to move back to where it came from and go back to wherever it came from. =S Better safe than sorry.


If something like what Vacuum described happens to you, don't panick, find 1 or 2 more people to press on the indicator and push it back. Don't let it fly out of your hands, we had that happen and it wasn't funny.


You can really draw one on a blank piece of paper and just cut a card board or use a wooden pencil (holding it with your hands accross and thumb on top)... if you do that, I was told to destroy everything afterwards. Break the pencil, shred the paper, and cut up the card board. I didn't ask why, never questioned... nothing bad really happens when we don't destroy things, but things did happen when we let our indicators fly out of our hands.

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I understand all this superstitious stuff, after all we are talking about the Ouija, but i would recommend not having any outrageous ideas already in your head before using it.


Just go with it ask it who you are gonna marry, what you are gonna be , like i said it's a great tool for getting to know your friends.


they sell it at toys rus, which when you think about it is pretty insane, hahah, gotta love it

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wow...this has been interesting! thanks to all who replied. well...i have heard alot of stories too, like from family and they had to burn it and what not. i have done research, and i know to be respectful and all the little rules. but thankfully nothing scary happened to any of us. about it being an illusion, honestly i know my friend, and i know me, if it was this other guy who was holding it, i would totally think he was slightly moving it. but this girl is really spiritual and into this stuff. and with our fingers just lightly resting on the planchette (the indicator, ya thats what its called lol) i doubt that little pressure could cause it to move so much. we tried asking lots of questiosn about the "ghost" itself. what its name was, and it spelled out "hi"...which was a lil freaky...and then my friend asked if it is from this place and it went to no. thats all we really got...we didnt offically close it off...but thankfully nothing scary happened to any of us. so i dont know...i mean obviously it seems to many of you it is not a game. its just the one my family used (i was little and not there when they did this) was apparently not those toy store boards. so i was just wondering if you guys think it makes a difference. i want to try it again, actually get some answers even for fun- like one of the posters im facinated...however some of the stories are pretty frightening. so any more replies are very much welcome...im not sure if i should do this again, however i was told to never bring it into my home so that im not doing...but ya...i want to do it agian but im not sure now. more replies are welcome and needed thanks!

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Scared xmf?


I had a board when I was a teen. We used to talk to a little boy who as murdered by his father--that's what he said anyway.


We asked alot of no-no questions and one that I particularly remember is asking who I'd marry and it gave me his initials and told me from where he would come ( East, West) It also told me some things I didn't want to know. My mom eventually gave it away as it became addicting to use it. It was like having your own magic crystal ball. Nowadays, I'd rather not know .


Be careful with the occult.

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omg, for real dont mess with them, i know after reading this it wants you to try it if you never thought about it but this board was made by a group of satanists that were into witchcraft trying to curse people and bring bad things upon their lives. They passed it down from generation to generation and sooner or later someoen became sucessful and sold it to the toy company or whatever and they made a game out of it (all part of the original plan i guess). I have read some book and there were several mentions of the ouiji board and there have been a lot of people killed after palying it and who have lost loved ones shortly after etc etc. It freaks me out just thinking about it - yes it is a supernatural unconscious state. My mom would kill me if i ever brought one anywhere near or touched it. It allows for things to take control over you such as evil - there was a guy who my mom cut his hair and he was 19 years old and he talked to her about it. He said that him and his friends were playing and the board spelled "MURDER" and then they asked for a name and it said "DAVID" and that was his friends name. They thought that someone was going to kill him but they were wrong.... a month later DAVID went out and killed 3 people....


My mom also told me of a couple of girls who were playing it and they "indicator" went out of control and flew accross the room (at the time i was like uhh huh yeah right) and they put it back on the board and they looked away for a second and looked back and the indicator was moving by itself and spelled out "satan"


I want to try it because im so curious but wont because im too afraid. thanks for sharing guys, now i really believe in all of this... feaky

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I must say that im a sceptic when it comes to "spirits" and other such things, i always try to find the science behind something that is supposedly paranormal or impossible. In this case i understand that there is something that scientists refer to as the ideomotor effect, it is the act of unconsciously moving something (eg. the pointer on a ouija board) because of outside influences or because of a persons subconscious expectations towards whatever they are doing (eg. using a ouija board).


Find out more about it link removed or link removed.

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I for one have never had a "successful" use of it. I think that you can use your mind to make it say whatever you want. I do know really bad things happen if you use it alone. If you are overly superstitious that too can affect it. Me personally I had a near death experience (was run over by a car and walked away unharmed) so they don't work for me. I have my own insight to the future and thing if it's something I really need to know there will be signs before hand. I think it can be all in your head and I think to some it can be very real. People that worship the devil, strongly believe in satan or are not tied to a church or God can have real problems with them.


I won't say yes or no cause I really have no need to play with one, but like I said if you really need to know you will get a sign.

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I personally think it depends on your mindset while palying with them. I have played with one for fun at a party. We asked it stupid questions like "Does so and so wear boxers or briefs." lol. They can be very entertaining. Sometimes people get way to deep into it though. That's when it can be dangerous.

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