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i need some insight please


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okay, this is really confusing. There's this girl that i've liked for a while now. Recently i told her my feelings, about 3 weeks ago. After i told her how i felt, she told me how she's had a crush on my for a long time, since i moved heree (5 years ago). So i asked her out. Last saturday we went out to dinner and had a good time. So i tried asking her about us, she said she wanted to take things slow and go out with me more and then develop something from that.


So wednesday night, i call her up to see if she wanted to go out this saturday, i knew it might not happen being the holidays, but i tried anyway. She couldn't go cuz of family up here. She asked if i had a good time on saturday night, i said i had a great time and she said she had a good time too. So she calls me back after 5 mins, she had to do something real quick, and then says "i've been doing a lot of thinking, good thinking" then asks me if i think there is a connection between us, i say yes, ask her the same question and she says yes. Then she proceeds to say how she doesn't want a bf right now, how she doesn't want to ruin our friendship. She enjoys talking to me on the phone for a long time at night as friends. But the weird things is, our conversations are only like 15 mins, and it's not every night. And we aren't that great of friends to begin with, we haven't hungout too much.


I told my friend this, he's a friend of hers to, they were really good friends last year, and he says that doesn't sound like her at all. He also says that at the beginning of the school year, she said that she wants to have a bf this year. I'm confused cuz she knows how i feel, she's had a crush on me for a long time, yet suddenly doesn't want a bf. Suddenly highschool relationships are stupid and overrated.


So today at school my friends talked to her about it, saying they heard what happened and asked why. She said that she didn't want to lead me on, so she might of well of ended it there. Her friend said the same thing, so obviously she called her friend after this all happened with me on the thie phone on wednesday. Why would she call her friend? Does she feel like she's doing something wrong? Feel like someone is telling her something wrong? I'm really confused.


I don't think this is actually her talking, i think it's her parents. She's morman, and i'm not, and i think it has to do with that. I feel they are judging me before they know me. I'm a good guy, i'm not one to do anything bad, no drinkin, smokin, any of that, i wouldn't pressure a girl to do anything. Doesn't it seem odd that all of a sudden this happened?


So basically i'm asking what you all think, cuz this is really weird, i haave very strong feelings for her, and things were going great, yet now she doesn't want a relationship. Help please

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^^^ lol ya i think it's her dad that might be preventing this.


Whatever happened to telling her how u feel? Being honest, she asked how much of a good time i had, i told her the truth, i don't see where all this crap came from where u have to screw around with everybody's head, by playing hard to get, or not saying the complete truth, or whatever it is.

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Well, you're in a frustrating situation, but why not just ask her if it has anything to do with her parents not letting her date? Cut to the chase. If she's talked to them and decided not to date (or not to date you), then I hate to say it, but she's made up her mind.


And, what she said about not wanting to lead you on would be true. She wouldn't want to get your hopes up if she's not able to date you any more. Who knows, mMaybe she's got her own plan, like if you two are friends for awhile, then her parents will see you as a good guy.


She doesn't sound devious or like she's playing head games at all. She's just a girl who likes you, but now after some "thinking" she's backing off. Ask her why.

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ya we talked tonight, i asked her if it was cuz i'm not morman, she said no, but i'm sure she wouldn't just rat her parents out or tell me it's that reason, but i'm over it for now, maybe something down the line will happen between us.


She restated that high school relationships are stupid, she's heard from friends that they aren't that great. ya then she she said she didn't like me "like that" and that she doesn't like any guy "like that" and that she doesn't see herself getting all touchy feely with me, oh well, i guess it's better that we don't date.

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