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some angel or some miracle's help needed?


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Ok I am soo sorry this is long, but it has been happening to me for at least past 3 years, I don't even know where to start here it goes:


ok first I will explain a little about me so you will have a better understanding of my problem (I hope), well I am 20 years old, college sophomore, and I am sure a lot of u know what a typical 20 year old college student thinks like, well my main problem here is that I get jealous really easily (Its sad ) I don't really wanna be jealous, I know its not a good thing. I have been going to my prayer place ever since I moved to U.S. that was 6 years ago, and I met really nice people, and I made really good friends and relationships, well my family is not very rich, u can say upper middle class, if your thinkin thats a lot of money no trust me money flies like an airplane! Back to my problem I really need a car, and my dad is in a bad situation, we are building a house and he only has like 15,000 dollars in his account, I told him I will go and work some where( I have been trying for the past 3 years but no one hires me I don't know why?????? I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, I don't drink) but he does not want me to work. And he always promises me that he will get me a car soon(for the past 3 F#@kin years), and so I always end up driving his freakin Ugly A__ Dodge Caravan, I have been driving that thing since I was 17 now I am 20. He does not know how I feel, driving that stupid A__ Van, yeah I know u all are laughing right now, make fun of me as much as u want, I have been hurt enough that I don't even feel it any more, it only makes me mad , yeah I am sure a lot of guys out there know what I am talking about probably even girls, that are interested in having a nice car, it sucks to be with your friends when you don't have a nice car and all your friends pick on you just because of that , well I go to my praying place every Friday, and there are couple of people out there that are car dealers, they are young infact one of em is around 23 and the other one is around 20 my age!!!! I had been friends with them when I first came to U.S. 6 years ago. And they have NICE CARS! They drive 2004 Toyotas, 2004 BMW Z3s I mean any thing that's new out there they got it! the other day they were driving the 2004 or the 2005 Mustang that just came out its the hotest thing on the planet right now, almost like they have their dream cars in the age of the age they are. And I am somewhere around that age, my problem is I have been jealous soo many times that I don't even feel it any more rather I get PISSED!!!! Every time I see any of em driving, new nice 2 doors, with loud pipes, with alpine speakers, and blue headlights, I don't have any problem with them having those cars or I don't have any problem with them being soo dam rich, or I don't have any problem with them being car dealers, I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION??????????????????????????????????????? can some one help me get OVER the jealousy and the madness I demonstrate when I see them? I don't wanna have to do any thing with them, I don't wanna see, I don't wanna talk to em, I don't wanna be their friends, they make me F#@kin sick!!!!, I just wanna stay away from them, It naturally makes me sick and mad when ever I see them Bastards. i get soo pissed i yell at my mom, my sibling, my friends, i lost some friends like that, it REALLY IS F#@KIN SCREWING UP MY DAM RELATIONSHIPS IN MY FREAKIN LIFE!!!!!!! I don't know if I am stupid, I don't know If I have lost my freakin mind , I don't know what people will say to me after I post this, but please , PLEASE help me??????? I am sure he/she will be a life saviour who ever helps me with problem.

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You sound so immature. Period. If those people in the car business are driving new cars it's a good bet that they work 12 hour days to get those cars. Some dealerships have demo programs where sales people drive new cars.

The way I see it your only choice is to go out and find a job. Anywhere! Only then will you have both perspective...by the way, what nation are you from? It sounds like you expected to move to the US and have everything handed to you. It doesn't work that way.

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If you want to work, then you should work. You are 20 years old. Your dad can't be telling you what you can and can't do anymore.


I see a problem with the people you hang out with. If all they care about is how cool your car is, then they are shallow. Girls who won't date you because you don't have a nice car are also shallow. My boyfriend has a really crappy car and it doesn't bother me at all. I'm in love with him, not his car.


Life is not about the car you drive. I know a lot of people who would be happy to drive the car you have because they have no car at all. I have friends who can't drive at all because their parents don't even let them borrow their cars. The only thing a car does is get you places. As long as it does that, then why complain? I think you take what you have for granted.

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