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Advice Needed.....


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Ok, this may be a bit long but its best for me to include as much as I can.


There is this girl in my school and I have only started to like her recently. I was in her class last year but never really talked to her at all. It is only about a few months ago this new school year that I started to feel a bit nervous and weird when I see her. I dont know what came over me since when she was in my class last year, she was nothing more to me than just a pretty face. I just enjoyed my summer and relaxed and chilled out with my friends and then when school started and I saw her from a distance, boom, there I felt really weird and these feelings emerged just all of a sudden. She hadn't changed her look at all yet just dont know why I am spontaneously drawn to her. We exist in almost separate worlds in school, she has her friends and I have mine and we dont share any classes. Yet I happen to see her in the halls occasionally but I never get a good oppurtunity to talk to her. She is always walking too fast to get to class or Im too busy talking to my friends to notice her walk right behind me without looking. I've made it known to my close friends that I do like this girl and they have encouraged me a bit, so its not like they are going to hold me back, but I still dont know where to really go on. However, a couple weeks ago, I did manage to have a fairly short conversation with her right before classes began. I mentioned stuff about our class last year but time fell short due to the bell. Now it's about two weeks now and I havent talked to her since and when I did see her, she is in a rush to get to class. In a way when I do glance at her for a second, I can tell she is kind of shy as well with her expression.


So what should I do? In my mind, I feel like I should just catch up with her somewhere in the halls and talk to her, but the thing is, I dont know what to really say. In a way, i kind of try to get my mind off her sometimes since it does become an occasional distraction in my mind. But its hard not think of her and what to do. I have been in a relationship before but I feel like my old methods of conversation wouldnt work since my ex-girlfriend was someone i knew for a long time before we went dating.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would love to feel like that again. I remember liking boys in high school and not knowing what to do. Is she in any sports or activities after school? I think you really need an in somewhere. I think you should go for it, but if you are shy you want to make sure you have something that you can talk about. You have no friends in her classes??


Good Luck



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I do have some friends in her classes, but they wouldnt be the type of people that she would associate herself with because of the type of people they are. So since that really wont help me, I guess my only alternative is to just go for it.


After thinking about it, I came to a conclusion that there really is nothing for me to lose. I've been pressuring myself all this time about what to say when I should just put everything behind me and just go for it. Even if I have nothing to say, I'm sure that something will come naturally. It did work out that way in my past after all.


So thanks guys for kinda making me snap out of this awkwardness. Now I know that I shouldn't be letting her slip away from me everytime an oppurtunity is present, and that I must make it my oppurtunity.


Wish me luck

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