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  1. There is no good reason of why except maybe his is an as*€+•]. I say like almost everyone else, block him. Why allow him to see what you are doing.
  2. I am so sorry, you are going through this. I just ended a 7 and half month relationship. You need to heal your heart and move on. It is going to be hard. That was not nice he said those things to you. Well hey, it should make it easier to have no contact. He was a jerk at the end. You can tell a lot about a person not during your relationship, but when you break up.
  3. She is not the one for you. Rip off the bandaid. You seem to be very sweet, sincere and caring. Find so who will be that way to you. She is not happy and it probably has nothing to do with you. I am sorry, you probably want to hear you will get back together. Do you want to be treated like this? She will do it again.
  4. Rose Mosse, I wonder about you? You are very wise in your advice. I have been seeing your posts. It would lead me to believe you have been through it all and survived. Thank you for the inspiration.
  5. Rose Mosse, I wonder about you? You are very wise in your advice. I have been seeing your posts. It would lead me to believe you have been through it all and survived. Thank you for the inspiration.
  6. I am so sorry you are going through this with a small child. You need to take care of you and your needs. You need to be healthy mentally and physically to take care of your child. It will effect you and break you down. I think you should take a stand and do what your heart tells you. Funny I think most people on here, myself included know what they have to do. They want someone to say stay or no it’s going to get better. It won’t!!! You had the best you could have with him. This is time to move on
  7. This is so tough. I believe social media is the devil for relationships. Funny half the girls he is looking at probably don’t look like that in real life. He is obviously not going to stop. Maybe you could view them together. This way it is not in secret what he does. This is so tough. I think it’s hard to say leave him. If you can’t live with this, then you know what to do
  8. Thank you everyone, for all your wise and heartfelt advice. I appreciate each and everyone of you, responding.
  9. How do you know that she would like either of you. If she is a once in a lifetime girl. Don’t you both owe it to yourselves to find out. I am sure if she likes one she would not like the other. Has this ever happened between you two before?
  10. Thank you everyone. He is not at all for his ex. It is over but yes he has baggage from it. Also from his childhood. I have 2 kids of my own and I am happy with that. It’s just hard this is the first person since my divorce (July 2015) that I actually was crazy about. I will say he opened me up to things that I thought I would not want (cuddling, being with someone all The time, staying over all the time, maybe remarrying), I am grateful for that.
  11. So much great advice above. Yes you need to let it go. You may be reminiscent about a time in your life when you were happy. However, most of the time all relationships are happy in the beginning. You need to remember him for what he did to you and how he made you feel those times he broke your heart. You have a great marriage like you said, be happy and tell yourself there is nothing good about him to remember. Good luck
  12. I was dating this amazing guy for almost 8 months. He had some stuff from his childhood and he has a daughter in another state. The ex took her there and it’s been hard on him. Needless to say, we got along awesome. We just vibed. The only problem after 8 months he didn’t know what he wanted. I am older by about 8 years. He is 37 and I am 45. I do not want anymore kids(told him from the beginning) or at least I thought I didn’t. He may want another one, but that is not the whole reason, when asked. I am at a loss. I had to break up with him. My heart was hurt when he said he di
  13. I agree with above, have him hit the road. You don’t need him and his weak marriage proposal. You deserve better and you need to lose him to get it
  14. You did the right thing. If someone doesn’t know what they want.....that’s your answer. If someone asked you what you wanted you would have said her. You are a week better then you were last week. A day better than you were yesterday. Try to find a hobby, a friend to chat with, read posts on here and give advice. You will survive and when this is over you will know you did the right thing. Good luck to you
  15. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but she was trying to exit this relationship and you did it for her. Please now that you did the right thing and you cannot go back. Think about why you did it in the first place. It became what u didn’t want. Take time and heal yourself and then meet someone new that will treat you the way you treat them.
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