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I just found out my ex is getting married

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Well, the title says it all. I just found out that the girl that I have posted an awful lot about early on here is marrying the guy she started dating after me.


It's been a year and a half since we broke up. I can't say I have wanted her back, but I still have issues for everything I went through. We spent four years together and really never talked about marriage. She's dated this guy for a year and a half. . .


I feel like there is something wrong with me. I'm 32 and feel so old. At one time I thought I was going to marry my ex, and never really thought I'd be alone at 32. This sucks.


My sadness has more to do with me than her. I miss her friendship, but she wouldn't be a good friend now to me anyway. I miss being in love and caring for someone, and there really isn't anyone around me.


My friends and family have been really cool, and my career is going great. I feel so empty though not having someone in my life. I can't understand how my ex moved on so quickly. I guess when you find the one you know it.



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wow, that is a rough one. I too would be gutted on hearing news like that.

My bf of 3.5 years broke up with me because,( i think, i am not entirely sure why we broke up), he didnt want to marry me so if i were to hear he was engaged i would be devastated.

I too miss his friendship and just having someone to hug me and do things with..and i too never pictured myself single hitting 30. I actually thought my future was with my ex but he thought differently and i know that someday i will hear the news that he is engaged and to be honest i dont think i could be happy for him, because i wanted it to be me he married..instead he left me and shattered my heart..

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I went through the same as you with my ex husband after we separated he quickly found someone else. It hurt me that I could so quickly be rplaced by someone else. But in time I got over him and it wasn't easy. But I have met someone else now and I am very much in love. It is hard for what you are going through and I am around the same age as you so I know how you are feeling. I felt that way too. But time does heal the wounds. Just try really hard to make yourself happy and move on. I know that that's easier said the done. But I wish you the best of luck!

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