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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?


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Iv 'e heard of Exercises, stretching the Chamber cavities that are inside the penis total i think of 3, I heard that by stretching them over a period of 10-20 sec's each night for the first week, and than longer after the 3rd week...like a minute- 2 minutes..that the chambers that hold the blood will *over time* develop new memory because of the stretching, Idk, it's something like that...I never tried them out..b/c Iv 'e never had any complaints, or have been self-conscious about myself down in that area, and with my morning glories


(inside joke) to those who know about it.

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Hi there,

I would be concerned about taking medication for that sort of thing. Somebody was telling me about a penis pump(?) the other night. Don't know if that's effective either. Just watch out for anything that has to do with medication, I'd be afraid to end up with worst problems after taking something.


Take care

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In case you're interested in what S4il was talking about, those exercises are called Kegel Exercises (sp?). They work for both men and women. You can find websites that have information on how to perform these exercises and how they might help you. I'd say they're a safer bet than using some obscure "miracle drug".

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You know, too many guys are self conscious about the size of their penis. What are you basing it on? There's no "one size fits all" formula, you know? Size is not as important to as many women as you may think. Sure, you may not be sexually compatible with a person and size may play a part in that, but I believe that the person you ultimately end up with will be perfectly pleased with whatever size you are.

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PAdreamer is right. I wouldn't care if my boyfriend was smaller than he is, or bigger. I would actually prefer him not to be bigger because I think he's perfect the size he is and its big enough for me.


I don't think its worth the risk of taking medication for something like this. You never know what might happen. I think its better to be safe and not take medication in case something bad does end up happening. I'm sure your partner would rather you be the size you are than have you end up with possible problems from taking these pills.


You said you are fine with your size, so why risk it?

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Hmmmm......As long as you can satisfy your woman, thats all that matter.s My last ex's previous boyfriend had a real big one compared to mine, but that asn't a problem to me. Why?


Becoz, I gave her so many orgamsn in so many ways, and fufilled her most of her desires and I tried all positions to find the best one, that would get screaming and all.........so she was more than satisfied.


Does Size make a differnce ..sure it does, but do I care? Not really....


Would I like it bigger, yup!..why? curiosity and being able to try things that I cannot try at them moment....but its more than curiosity....heh


Likewise, the bigger fella, cannot try the things I can...


So, its all perspective...





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I don't think its been proven that penis enlargement pills ever work.


The penis pump apparently works but I read that it makes the penis look a bit like a boiled sausage i.e. the skin is all loose and the penis soft.


That kegel (can't remember if its called that but if u insist) exercise is apparently ment to work but takes time. Your basically ment to pull up on the penis (unerect) to force the blood to the end, then as your first hand gets to the end use the other hand, then the first again etc. to keep the blood pressure high at the end of the penis. This helps to expand the blood vessels, allowing future erections to hold more blood, which in turn makes for a bigger penis.

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You know, too many guys are self conscious about the size of their penis. What are you basing it on?

On the obvious ability of above-average men to give women a degree of pleasure during intercourse that average and, to a greater extent, below average men are incapable of giving purely because of their size.


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There's no "one size fits all" formula, you know?

No, but when we consider that no woman wants a penis as small as an inch or as big as 20 inches, we see that there is indeed a range within which a man's penis must fall if it's to be considered "ideal" by most women. The question is whether that ideal size range mirrors the actual size range that most guys fall within. If the "penis size preference chart" at the following web page is accurate (and I suspect it is), then the answer is clearly "no."


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Size is not as important to as many women as you may think.

Perhaps not to the vast majority of women, but definitely, I think, to the majority.


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BTW, why do you wanna take penis enlargement pills anyway? I mean come on man, there's more to sex than a penis. Instead of spending money on something as trivial as penis size, try spending it on something worthwhile like tantra or karma sutra videos and herbal oils. U need to enlarge ur sexual skill rather than ur sexual member. Dont' take offense to this bc I mean in no way to offend you. We men spend too much time worrying bout penis size instead of the actual act; which is the most important thing. If you know how to work that properly, she'd have no need for a larger penis. Food for thought.

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