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Is it okay to be talking a lot?


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Here's the story - I met this girl at a party, a friend hooked us up. I called her and we hit it off, the next day i asked her out and she said yes. A few days later, she and her friend come to my house to hang out. It went really well, at the end of the night she kissed me on the cheek. She told our friend she likes me a lot and wants me to ask her out on a real date. I did. We haven't made an actual date yet, but she said yes.


The first time i called her was last Wednesday, 6 days ago. We talked for over an hour and it was awesome. Since then, we've talked on the phone almost every night. We really like each other a lot. She really seems to like talking to me, she even asked for my screen name so we can talk on-line. I love talking to her. Its never boring and there's always something to say. Its really natural.


Here's where i'm unsure. Is it okay to be talking to her every night at this point? Does it ruin anything in some way? We haven't had a real date yet, and we've only met twice. Is it normal to be talking to her a lot? Is this common?


I don't know how this works because i've never gone out with a girl i didn't already know in some way. Thanks for any input!

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I think its fine to be talking a lot but you should arrange the date sooner rather than later.


I have read a few comments on here about cyber relationships and when talking over phone/internet its great but in real life after a period of these conversations the meeting in person lets you down as you lose that spark of finding out the interesting things about each other in person.


I know it is not completely the same but similar in a way and the long conversations each day will do the same as a cyber relationship.


Good luck

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i would sugest to keep it on a less talking this online because online sometimes can lead to other things and ...U can't see the persons face expressions and just BLLAAh i hate Aol i dont even hardly get on anymore its just better in person...Plus yall seem real compatible so who knows


Go with ur gut feeling..it wont steer u wrong.

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Oh, we haven't talked online yet, just on the phone. I don't like online that much either.


I was just worried that it would turn into a friendship somehow. Like you were saying, it could ruin the spark of being with someone new.


So, what if i don't call her tonight. I don't want her to think i don't want to talk to her or that i don't like her, you know? Would she think that?


She said she will see me this weekend, so i'm guessing that is when we will go out.

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