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This has something to do with a post someone else made about girls coming on to guys, and vice versa...but WHAT is it with girl and cars??? I'm sorry, but are some of you just really easily fooled into liking a guy b/c he has a decent car? I know not all girls are like this, b/c the girl I like isn't like this....she likes my car, but she hasn't been begging me to give her a ride or anything like a few other girls have recently. IM JUST trying to figure it out....what makes this happen....I just got a civic del sol..its nothing big at all, just a small, not very fast, t-top car sports car.....so what....its nice, but its NOT ME....why are girls so fascinated by cars???

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Well... I'm not sure all girls are facinated by cars. I always wondered why guys are so facinated by cars. Bf has a little MG and that's like his prize and comfort... he never spends sundays with me because that's the day he spends with his MG.


I'm not all that facinated with cars. IMO, a tin can that moves at more than 60 mils per hour is good enough. The car bf used to pick me up in is this old old Honda Accord that has all of it's paint scrapped off... =/ never complained and never went for another guy with a SUV.

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My boyfriend drives an old 4-door Pontiac sunfire that looks - and sounds - like it should be driven straight to the scapyard. He makes more than enough money to buy or lease a brand new car, but he just doesn't see the need yet. I could care less what he drives, he's always going to be the same guy to me!


Women who are only going to date you based only on what kind of car you drive, I'm sorry to say, can't be intelligent or mature enough to understand life anyhow.


And, guys date women based on particular factors too (ie. large breasts, shapely butt).

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Well maybe some girl are that way but they all are i'm in trouble. I drive a '91 beat up old Chevrolet Work pickup truck because the mileage is good and I don't like wearing out my Mercedes (LOL).. unhuh.... no automobiles are not status symbols to me.. if they are to others i'm sorry.. i drive to get to where i go, not to be seen..


BUt i think somegirls are they way... i mean maybe a car is an extension of your personality i dont know.. I used to think the color of your car said alot about you.. i still do to some degree........ but guess that's another topic for another day

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If there's one thing I learned from my parents, it's money does not buy happiness. They're one of the most miserable couples that I've seen, with all of their children on the verge of leaving them. Sure they're rich... doesn't mean a whole lot if you're unhappy. They can't even lure us home with "We're going to go on a vacation to XXXX, do you want to come?" anymore.


If it's me, I'd be choosing a poor man that makes me happy over a rich man who's just so-so any day.

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Let me tell you something, I drive a nice car simply becuase i enjoy driving. Its just a thing of mine + i dont mind a bit of road rage Never have i seen girls stare at me in my car. Neither have i seen a girl's attention dirverted to my car if i drive past. These girls probablly have a lot of sense. Yes, it is nice to own a car but if you act around trying to show it off, girls will see you as having a huge ego. You are also trying to pose, which is a huge put off. To be honest, if any girl looks interested in you when u drive past, its probablly becuase she likes the car.

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This is drawing a lot of attention, but honestly, you girls that have b/f's...its different, b/c I know you arent going to care what kind of car they have if you truly care about them. Im talking about the girls that either, never paid much attention to you....or.....something along that line. I didn't buy my car to get girls heh, I like it hell ya....but I just dont understand why girls are now all of a sudden like 'can I get a ride' or actually recently Ive even been offered other things that will remain unsaid.....I have never showed it off either...to andy...its just there and when I showed up to a party...or etc...ya know

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oh... joe, if you put it like that, I guess a car's important.


I never cared for a GOOD car... but... >_> at least a tin can that moves at more than 60 miles per hour... it's so hard to get around to places without a car unless if you live in a metro city like Chicago, Tokyo, New York, Taipei, ... and I don't know how to ride the bus plus it can take me up to 1 hour to get lost on a 5 min trip (happened 4 times already.). =/ If bf tells me he'll meet me somewhere for a date I may never show up.

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Well, I have NEVER cared about a guys car. I have dated guys without cars, guys with brand new SUV's, guys with rusty tin can cars, guys with old retrofitted cars. And what kind of car they drive has never impacted my interest in them for dating or for a relationship. The guy I recently started dating drives a small blue, rusty hatchback whose doors are finicky and that cannot downshift into second. And I am very much into him


If a girl is into you only because of your car/apartment/job...you know where you can point her to go.

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i mean can u date if u don't have a car, never miond if its old or new i don;t have a car can i or any guys still date. i mean what happens if u say to the gal -lets meet at so and so location and take it from there is that ok. has any guy asked a gal out and been on a date without a car. has any gal been on a date with a guy without a car. will a gal go out with a guy without a car

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I don't think that I would date another guy who didn't have A car period. I did that for two years, and it was a pain in the butt getting around sometimes; I like my man to be able to get where he needs to go without me! lol


Having a car period is important to me, I guess I should have mentioned that. Public transportation is god-awful.

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