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what should i talk to her about please help!!!


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the girl i like i talk to every once and a while i say hi to her at school and not that much anyother time


i would really like to get close with her doesnt have to be in the kinda whay of boyfriend girlfirend but i want to get close to her as friends becuase i like to talk to her but am never able to because we are not that close


how can i get closer to her or gain her trust so that she can talk to me and we can talk about anything together?


yea and what do u think i should talk to her about online when we instant message besides the regular"hey" "what did you do today"


please help thanks?

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It has been my experience that IM conversations do nothing but hurt relationships, unless they are platonic (not sexually oriented). Inflections in voice, body language, eye contact, etc, are not transmitted over IM. Believe me, they completely change how you come accross to another person.


Keep it short on IM, such as making plans and then signing off. I would rather save what I want to say for when the person in question and I are face to face anyway.

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thanks but how can i get to be more close wiht her as friends because i dont think its going to work out with her as boyfirend girlfriend so how do you think i can make us close friends where we shair feelings and are comfortable talking with eachother????????????????????

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I don't know your entire situation but it seems to me that right now, you are on decent terms with her. It's a good start since you are actually exchanging greetings so talking to her shouldn't be much of a problem. Just catch her around your school and talk to her and ask something like, "how are you doing?". Start with the small and easy questions. Get her to reply to you and listen attentively. Girls like guys who listen to them since it shows that they do care. Eye contact is also very important too. It establishes a strong sense of communication.


Now finally, it seems that you are planning to achieve a close friendship with this girl in a hurry. Don't go too fast and try to force some kind of bond. Once you start talking to her and you two get to know a bit more of each other, you should be able to become good friends. It takes time and you have to be patient. Just take it day by day and build on what you two have talked about. Also try talking to her as much as you can. If you talk to her once day and then wait a week after to speak to her once more, your relationship will dismantle slowly. If you make an attempt to talk to her on a more frequent basis, then it will be easier each time to talk to her again. Then eventually you two should be fine.


Hope this helps and good luck.

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