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What's the best way to meet people???

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Hi,I need a bit of help...

I've recently moved back to my hometown after 10 years and am finding it really hard to settle in.

The problem is I'm not meeting people and feel a bit lonely.

I am working with a lot of married women (I'm a guy by the way) who are OK but I don't have a lot in common with them.

I don't have problems making friends with people and am quite confident but I am not really doing anything to help my situation.

I am back living with my folks and am sick of staying in on weekends when I'm normally such an outgoing person.

It's affecting my confidence as well-I've never really had any problems finding girls but I'm not even trying to chat to girls as I don't have my friends around to kinda back me up.

I actually have loads of friends through travelling about but unfortunately none of them are in my hometown which doesn't help.

Does anyone have any advice for me before I go insane???

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When I first came back to NYC, I was in a similar boat. After a short while, I joined a cigar group and began to hang out with people in it. We became friends, and some people in it are still my friends. I also joined beach hosue through which I made friends. I was also once in a bicyling club. Think about joining something.

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