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he`s gone

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Everyone I am very sorry to announce this but cloud-walker has taken a large overdose and im sorry to say he never made it dispite all the help he never made it, I have read some of the things that have been posted but nothing would of been able to help him...........................


the last thing he said was he`s won and that was it, he died Mon Nov 22, 2004 5:51 pm at his home


thanx for all your support he will be sadly missed by his kids and by me his partner



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Well I'm afraid I don't believe you. When someone commits suicide, their partner does not immediately log onto eNotalone after previously never having been here to post an announcement.


I suspect you are still here looking for support and help. And we've offered it to you. But its up to you to take it.

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he was was the uk and the reason i came on is cos he asked me to look if you dont believe me then thats up to u, i will miss him so much he was a great father and partner he never asked for much in life but im on here trying to get some of his old friends together, why do you have to call me a lier any way this is my last post i have far to much work to do goodbye and thankyou for everything



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Sorry to say I don't believe it either, unless the "partner" posting for him is in worse condition than he was, because it's not normal behavior to log in to an internet forum which more than likely the suicidal prospect would not have revealed to anyone, and immediately post after his death, it would even be a little mind-sick. How does this partner know the log-in name and password to log in? if he did, then that meant that he could have helped him instead of watching him die and then come to post.


Family and partners would all be way too depressed and shocked and this post might have come at least a week or so afterwards, and that only in the scenario that he might have left behind info about enotalone, which is not likely.


One more thing, the spelling is not that of a grown up, with all the spelling mistakes, and colloquialisms such as "cos", this mostly shows that the person posting might be anywhere around 10 years old to 18, in deep need to seek attention and to explore the psychological side of : "How would people react if I were dead", which is more than heard-of and studied.


One more thing : don't worry anyone, he is reading this and all the posts, someone who does this will take that route of "I don't care if you don't believe me, I'm gone, too much work" and the part about of the kids is simply a "cliché" trying to state that he's older than he actually is.


Hope it helps to tell you, that you have help and support, and the fact that you could consider killing yourself, just consider you'll never see what happens after that's done, and exploring it in this way, will never be a good option. Perhaps we could open a topic regarding "how would you think your people cope if you were gone", where we could vent this out.


Thanks everyone and Cloud : we're here for you, it's up to you to come out and seize that help.



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My father committed suicide the past January. I did not sign on to his account (as if I would know his passwords) and feel that I needed to notify anyone on any egroups he may have belonged to. I was too busy throwing up and feeling like my world had been ripped apart. I didn't even sign on the computer to notify MY friends. I couldn't. I could barely function.


I know everyone grieves differently and deals with things differently but I am sorry, I don't believe that this post is real. It makes me sad that someone would say something liek that to get attention.

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Exactly bat_grrl. When someone close to you commits suicide you spend the first several days in shock. You can barely think straight and function in your normal life much less hop on some forum within an hour and start posting about it. When my sister-in-law killed herself I had to be driven home from work because I couldn't even begin to figure out what to do.


finnerss, as far as the familiarity thing goes I'm afraid I can't give specifics due to privacy issues. But its something we'll deal with in the Moderating team to investigate this issue and take the appropriate action.

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father dieing? sounds like paradise to me i hate my father. Sry if i made you sad pat:


I think that is a very insensitive thing to say to people who have lost a father, especially this way. You are young however and at your age I felt the same at times. My father and I had not spoken for over a year when he died. We were to proud to reconsile. Funny thing is, now all the things I was so angry at seem trivial. I would give anything to have him back...


Becareful what you wish for....

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