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Thought Of Losing Chance @ Someone Special Is Plaguing Me


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The Thought Of Losing A Chance At Someone Special Is Plaguing Me ~ Should I Proceed?


Hello Everyone!


I'm in a bit of a dilemma: I met someone sweet, smart, attractive & funny this quarter (October) ~ we see each other every Tuesday & Thursday [2 hour night classes]. I gave him my # the second meeting. So far, we've had coffee, dinner & a movie. He's quite busy & is adjusting to his new full time job where he's on call most of the time. If he's not working, he fills up his time with church related activities. We haven't gone out for almost a month now and I've tried to leave the option of getting together on the weekends open to him...yet no phone call. We chit-chat during break and while he walks me to my car after class. I don't mention anything concerning why he doesn't call. I want to say that there were subtle hints suggesting he's into me during our first few encounters but I might be misreading those signs...He doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve so I haven't the slightess inclination as to how he feels about me.


The quarter ends on December 9th. It would be nice to have him as a part of my life, not just as an aquaintance.


I want to make it clear to him that I enjoy his company and would love to spend time with him again but:


1) I don't know where I want this to lead so

2) I don't want to come off as expecting anything from him [or put him on the spot/make him feel pressured]

3) I don't know him enough to actually fall for him but I'm definitely interested & intrigued

4) And I don't want him to slip away even if this doesn't lead to anything other than friendship


Should I be a little more forceful (I don't call him - should I start)...or let him come to me? At this point, his feelings are ambiguous so I'm not quite sure how to proceed...


Thanx for any advice/suggestions ---

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He might be thinking the same things as you since you do not call him either. After the next class, ask him what he is up to this weekend...


Hi jbutterfly2020~


Thank you for your post! Your input was greatly appreciated.


The thing of it is is that I've already tried to instigate another date with him over the weekends, yet I've not received any feedback from him. I'm frightened by the inception of falling for him and shy away because I don't want to be rejected if in fact he does not feel the same way. Also, this weekend is the Thanksgiving holiday and both he and I deduced that we'll be busy with friends and family.


The end of the quarter is drawing ever so near and I feel a desparate need to come out in the open with him. I posted this message because I wasn't sure if I should expose my heart to him.



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The best thing I can tell you to do, is let him know you like him.


If he likes you back, then thats AWESOME!


If not, then you won't see him after a few more weeks. And you can say that at least you know for sure instead of playing the maybe game.


Taking a chance with your heart is hard to do, but its the smart thing.

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Hi there,

I would say that your interest in him is enough for him to know how you feel. You should let him come your way. I am sure he will if he is as concerned about not seeing you after this quarter. Trust that he will make a move, but if he doesn't then remain friendly with him.

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Muneca is always so wise. As a guy, and from everything you've said, he knows that you're interested, and now it's time for him to make the move. And the most important thing I would say to you is don't worry. The more confident you can feel about your future, the more attracitve he's going to find you.


And if you have trouble thinking of your bright future, remember that you might meet someone equally as charming and fun as this guy in one of your next semester's classes. Maybe he'll even be there again.


Good luck! Sparrow.

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