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Think I said too much


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Hey all! First time poster, long time reader. Here's my situation. LONG


I met this girl a few months ago that I have been wanting to give my phone number to/get hers. I finally gave her mine earlier this week. She didn't call (only 3 days). I went out to a local bar with one of my friends Friday night and she was there with one of hers. I said hello and and how's it goin etc etc. and went on my way a couple tables over with my buddy. I ended up sitting with her and closing thier tab to start another one for me to pick up. After a little while, her friend went home and she left with me (I payed the tab) to go to another local bar. On the way there we of course chatted. She ended up bringing up the "so what happened with your last relationship" question. I told her it was something I should tell her at another time, which backfired on me by making her even more curious #-o . SO I ended up telling her what happened. In short, My ex broke up with me 7 months ago after 5 years, got pregnant within a few months by someone else, so it's over. She (my ex) was stupid. This was something I really did not want to get into yet . I should have just told her it didn't work out, but oh well, I've got a big mouth. She said I sounded "hostile" towards my ex. Not entirly sure what that means(?). Maybe that I hate my ex now? Who knows. The rest of the night was good. We ended up staying at the other place for a couple hours talking and . I picked up the tab again and we left. I took her to pick up her car and she told me to call her tomorrow. I called and she didn't do much talking. (I think she is really shy, she blushes a lot ) She had to go do some errands so she told me to call her later, I did. She seemed a lot more upbeat this time. I had to end it because I had to go take care of something. She was going to her friends for a little while and told me she would call me when she gets home, she didn't. I think she is trying to play the "hard-to-get" game but I don't want to play LOL. SO I am thinking about not calling her for at least a few days, maybe never. I do think she will call eventually and I know I will see her again in a couple weeks. So we'll see. Am I over-reacting and being stupid?? To me, when someone tells you they are going to do something, like call you, they usually do. What to do?

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Hi there,

I say call her sometime next week ( if she doesn't call sooner) and don't worry about what you have already told her.


I will suggest something, avoid bad-mouthing any exes. I am so weary of that. I dated a guy who the first date told me some intimate details about a girl who he had dated--that I also knew. It just made me think Ok if I date this guy he is going to tell the next girl all about me ... not pretty. He asked later why I refused to go out with him again and I told him my reason. He got my point and I saw him again--as a friend only.


Good luck. Don't throw in the towel yet. She may just have gotten busy and forgot to call.

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Girls play phone games all the time, but possibly she's been busy. Try calling her again soon, but try not to invest yourself emotionally yet. This girl seems flaky. Sooner or later, if you're truly interested, you're going to have to make some kind of move, or else the girl will just think of you as a friend to hang out with.

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I don't know, talking three different times in the same day is pretty intense considering you've just been out for drinks with each other. I would definiltely not sweat her not calling back today. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that she calls you back in the next few days.


If she doesn't, well, you know she can be flaky, and you can decide if that's something you like or you don't like. If you're still interested, I"m with muneca. Wait a few days and then you can call her back

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