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How to grow taller?


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Height is determined mostly by genetics, though is these days sometimes also influenced by some of the hormones added to what we eat before it gets to our tables (ie growth hormone to cattle) and also, I think perhaps high intakes of calcium when we are young


But, at your age, you are around your limit for growing, most men stop growing at about 18, females usually around 16 or so. So, there is not much you can do. You can incorporate stretching/yoga in your life and that will help with your posture and extend your spine a bit and have you walking taller

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There's not much you can do about your height, but there's a lot you can do about your self-esteem. You need to stop worrying about how to grow taller and start accepting yourself for who you are.


There is nothing wrong with being short -- even if you are male. My father is 5'2", but he's one of the biggest men I know (emotionally and maturity wise).


Be happy with who you are, and accept nothing less from anyone else. Those who may tease you about it really aren't worth your time.

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There's not much you can do about your height at this point. Height is genetically determined. The only way to change that would be to take chemicals, such as hormones, specifically growth hormone that would turn on certain genes that encode proteins that affect height. And the only way that could happen is if your growth plate hasn't fused.

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Yoga and Pilates are exercises that make your muscles more elongated, so you kind of get the physique that tall people have, just not the height. So, it's an illusion, but it does make a difference. Look at Madonna's body in photographs. She's very short - like 5"2...but she photographs like a model (body wise) because of all the yoga she does. She looks lean and tall in her pictures, and she's not.

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What are some ways to grow taller? Exactly what kind of foods should I eat? What are some other things I could do?


Genetics determine how tall you will be. There is nothing you can do to change that. You can wear shoes with a thicker sole to appear taller, but you can't change your actual height.

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Stretching is one of the best grow taller exercises around. This is because stretching causes the body to produce human growth hormones called EIGs (exercise induced growth hormones). EIGs result from catecholamines, acid-base balance, nitric oxide, and lactate. Nitric oxide and lactate especially increase height. Human growth hormones harden cartilage, strengthen bones and make you grow taller.

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