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ok so me and my girlfriend have been goin out for a little over 2 months. Before we started dating we had a really strong friendship. Well this past week the feelings ive had for her have turned into friendship feelings like the ones i had before. The question is how can i break up with her and go back to being friends if that is possible, and what is the best way to go about doing that without hurting her the most?

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Well first you need to be honest with her and tell her that the relationship really isn't working for you since you see her more as a friend than a g/f (I've been in this situation many times before). unfortunately, you have to take the risk of loosing her completely. She will definatly need some space and time to deal with her feelings, as well as see if she can handle being friends with someone that she use to be in a romantic relationship with. There's no way to avoid hurt feelings when you want to break up with someone, since their feelings for you havn't changed like yours.

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the girl ive been with fro around 2 months just did this to me, saying it would be better if we were just friends (weve been frends for 3 years)it probably couldnt have been nicer than she put it, it still hurt a lot though, it happened last nite, and im already feeling much better.

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