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Ladies I need some advice


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Okay so my now ex (we just broke up 2 weeks ago) is very late with her period. She was a few days late when we broke up, and then last week she was getting really worried about being pregnant. So we took one of those home pregnacy test's in the afternoon and it came out negative. That was one week ago. Even though we havn't spoke in the past 2 days, when I saw her on Sunday she said she still hasn't gotten her period. I told her that maybe it's due to all the stress she's put on herself, with work and our break up (since there was a time where she was a week late because she was stressed out about her mom flying out to NY). We told each other that we would have NC this week until Sunday, but I feel that I should maybe call her and tell her we should take another test. Or should we go to a doctor just to be sure? Were both no ready for a child, but if we are going to have one I would like to know so we could start to establish ourselves for our child (yes we talked about doing the right thing and being together if we have a child, but we will need to work things out first). I'm kinda lost on what to do, and that's why I want to know if it's right for her to be so late, or should we really be concerend?

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Yeah I guess your right and I should just wait it out and see what happens on Sunday. The only reason why I ask is because when we broke up I told her to go ahead and take the test if she felt she needed to, and call me with the resulst. Instead she called me and asked if I would be with her when she took it, so she could tell me in person. She didn't want to take the test unless I was there with her, which is why I think she won't take one again unless I'm there. But I'll just wait and see if she calls me.

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