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how can you mend a broken heart twise?

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I been with a girl for over a year, this guy has been writing her letters the whole time, come to find out last week they been seeing eachother cause he just got out of jail. I have been so hurt and disqusted with this the whole time cause it scared the living hell outta me... well all my fears hit reality as of now because her sister tells me everything. I have been one great guy to this girl, and for a 25 year old to sit and cry and pout and whine and feel like the whole world has come crashing down... its really bad!! This guy was in jail for burglary to get money so they can get high on morphine. The guys mother killed her husband 16 months ago with morphine overdose. What is going on with this girl? Shes mourning over a dead husband, leaves someone who has his head on his shoulders for a bum loser with no job no life just got outta jail for burglary, what is a man like me to do to get peace? im soooooooooooooo disqusted im even thinkin bout goin to the emergency room for depression which has been getting worst over the past couple of weeks. Now its REALLLLY bad, some good advice?

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