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my boyfriend and i of over 2 years recently broke up (about 2 weeks) I always found him a better friend than a boyfriend, and now I still want to be his best friend. I'm trying to be sensitive, beacuse I know he is very hurt by the relationship end, and so am I. We hadn't talked in quite awhile because of a big fight we got into after we broke up. Now he says that he wants to go out for coffee and has phoned me once just to talk. This is really nice, but I don't want to lead him on, because I know that there is no chance for us to get back together. Is it just too soon?

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Well if you still feel like it's too soon to be picking up the friendship, then just tell him that and leave it at that. Don't try to just go out with him for that coffee just to be nice, since it may lead him on into thinking things can change, or that you may want to work things out. If you do think that talking to him is nice though, then maybe just try to establish a "only phone call" type of relationship for now. Just tell him it's too soon for you guys to start seeing each other again, but that you enjoy talking to him and would like to continue that everynow and then (don't get into a calling each other everyday habit). Hope this helps.

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i don't know what to do! It's like he's a bad habit I just need to quit - but i CANT! he doesn't have friends to go to comfort him like i do, so he keeps coming to me and wanting me to comfort him. i feel horrible for hurting him so bad, but i know i cannot take him back. is there any good way to help him move on wtihout me? b/c everytime he comes to me for something, i'm breaking down just a little more.

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