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Going to a party with my bf/ his ex fling will be there


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They haven't hooked up or talked in 2 years and I know she was in love with him because he told me, he broke it off with her and kind of hurt her because he didn't want a gf and she wanted to be with him. I know it was years before me but still, how do I not feel so awkward if she talks to him or something? I know he's with me and he's faithful I'm just weird.

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Be pleasant, polite and treat her the way you would any of this other friends or acquaintances. You never know, you might even like her!


Also, don't pay too much attention to your fella's description of her feelings for him; it's not unusual for guys to really 'Big Up' how much someone was into them - including when it was the girl who ended the relationship! - and even if she was madly, blisteringly in love with him, after two years that's likely to have dimmed somewhat....

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He is with you not her so if anyone could feel awkward it would probably be her especially if she is still in love with him.


By the way - one of the reasons some men avoid talking about anything to do with relationships is because they know, perhaps by having read forums such as this, that some women won't believe men about anything and cynically think they are lying, minimising or exaggerating. There is little point saying anything if you aren't going to be be believed anyway.

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I agree with be friendly as if she was any other friend. He's a great catch, right? So you can't blame her for having an interest at I e point. She's more than likely moved on 2 years later. Your bf will probably admire your confidence when it doesn't bother you at all and you can have a regular conversation with her.

Have fun!

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