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How long till I ask her for a second date?


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So I went on a date with this girl. Everything went great. The date was fun, there were rarely any awkward silences and we seemed to click. At the end of the date I dropped her off and gave her a kiss.


A few moments later she texted me saying that it was fun and we should def do it again. The first date was on Tuesday so it's not like it was a while back. I texted her minimally yesterday and haven't texted her at all today. I just don't want to text too much and seem needy.


First question is that would she still be expecting me to ask her for the second date. Or should I wait till she brings something up.


I had tickets to a concert on the 29th and was planning on waiting a day or two and then asking her if she wanted to go. Does that seem like an okay plan or should I wait longer or shorter or text a little more before asking? What in your opinion would be the best approach?


Also what are your thoughts on how often to text. I don't plan on bombarding her with texts but should I at least send one in a day?

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Lol okay I got it.


There is another thing which I am not sure if it is a factor or not but just to make sure. She is suppose to go home today, I believe she said she would be back Tuesday. Now would it be fine to call her even though she may be with her family? If so would you say the night is the best time to call or doesn't really matter.

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I would do it now as well. Don't wait. She already told you she wanted to do it again.


As for texting, you are correct, don't come off needy, play it cool for sure but keep in contact. Texting is a touchy subject in dating, some people love it, some think you shouldn't do it. I think when done correctly you work it and work it well. Don't annoy her and don't send more messages if she doesn't reply to the last one, give her time to reply. Oh and talk about funny stuff! Something funny that happened on your date ect.


Good luck!

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