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I got my first date!


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Oh man! I got my first date finally! I'm very excited but also nervous. What should I say to him when I see him? How should I act or what to say to make him more into me? ...... and also how to prevent any deadair ...... I'm not that 'intelligent' type of people you know ? Guys tell me what will you expect from the first date?

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Just relax and be yourself.


Obviously if he asked you out, he's interested, so you don't need to impress him. When you first see him, just ask him how he's doing. Tell him you have been excited about your date. Just say things and ask him things to let him know that you are interested in him.


Don't worry too much about your date. Just remember that he wouldn't have asked you on a date if he didn't want to. Also, don't expect the date to go perfectly. You might spill a drink on him, you might trip over something. Mistakes like that can happen, so don't expect things to be perfect. Its only your first date with him.

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Relax and be yourself. He wouldn't have asked you out if he didn't like you so you have nothing to worry about. Try to have a good time and don't be nervous. And if something silly happens like a spilled drink, laugh it off. It shows you have a sense of humor and could end up being something you two laugh about down the road.

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