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Remaking A Film I Made With My Ex... Bad Idea?


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Recently I squired a rough copy of the film my ex husband and I made together in 2007. Last Saturday I went to a party at a friend's house and we all watched it. None of these people had ever seen it before.


After it was over the comment was made that I should remake it by myself. At the time I just dismissed it... thinking that would be an awful lot of work to put into a film that's already been made.


But... the next day that same group of people got together to game. And I guess they all talked about how much they want to see this movie remade... And the hostess of the party messaged me on facebook to tell me they are all on board and willing to help. Two of them have makeup experience and have worked on independent films doing special effects before. And one of them is a seasoned theater actress.


So now... I am on the fence about this.


I have a group of people willing to help, and some of the original people involved with this film might be willing to help also. They all still live in town. But... it's really easy to say, "Oh yea, I'll help." When it's just a maybe. DO any of these people know the amount of work that will go into this? I thought about going through all my friends list on facebook, picking out everyone that might have something to contribute, and sending one mass message telling them I'm thinking of doing this, and asking if they are interested in being part of it. Then whoever answers will be invited to a meeting some night where we all get together and talk about it. THen maybe I would have more an idea of how interested people really are.


I am also on the fence for legal reasons. My ex could claim it as his intellectual property... but I could just as easily claim it as mine. We wrote the script together. We shot it together. I did all the editing and he was the director. He never had it legally copyrighted though. And if I decide to do this, it won't be a shot for shot, line for line remake. There were a lot of things about the original film that I wished were different. In my version, the basic plot and structure of the story would stay the same, but a lot of the script would change.


Also... I am wondering about the ethics of this. I was thinking of how I would feel if I made a film with someone and 6 years later they turned around and remade it without telling me. Part of me would think that's a mean thing to do... But part of me is unsure still. Considering my ex didn't make anyone sign release forms, the movie could never be released. He gave away our master copy to someone who lives thousands of miles away... This film was made but never went anywhere.


Yesterday the hostess of the party I was at told me on Facebook that it was "time to trample of his vision and do a way better job of it." That made me feel bad.


So... what does everyone think? I talked to my bf about this last night and he is on the fence too. Idk... That's another thing to consider... how it's going to affect things with him... If I do this we will be shooting in the month of June... Is he going to be able to hang? I've seen film kill so many relationships. I know it's probably a stupid thing to worry about but I don't think this film is worth causing problems with him. I asked him how he felt about this and he said as long as we still have time to spend together and do fun things and life isn't suddenly entirely about making this movie, then things will be fine. I can't see it becoming such a huge thing that it takes up all of my time. I've worked on plenty of films, there was never one that time consuming.


So... thanks in advance...

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I'd skip it, honestly. Your ex has shown himself to love causing conflict and being overly dramatic. I just don't think it'd be worth the legal hassle unless it's a project that you are really excited about... something you can't see yourself not doing. If you do want to do it, make sure you go through all the legal crap beforehand to lessen the likelihood of your ex trying to pull something in the middle of the project.

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I sent out the mass message on Facebook. I messaged over 50 people. This was five minutes ago and I already had 7 people reply. This has exploded. Someone else created a group, and there is this huge buzz of interest in this... Wow. I didn't realize so many people want to see this movie remade. It's a little overwhelming.

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The facebook group has over 40 members now... some of which I've never met. I didn't expect this at all. Now I am going to have to tell my ex because with this much interest he's going to find out anyway. I could tell him my idea is based on the original film but will have a lot of things changed. Because that is true... maybe he will give me his blessing. My bf says not to get pressured into doing this because other people want me to. But the fact that so many people want me to makes me want to do it more then I did when I made this thread.

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