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is there something wrong with my "squirt"?

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oh good... but... im sure most have seen a porn video , I dont watch them but I saw some stupid ad on the net when I had spyware and it showed this guy and a girl and he went like .... forever like 10 times..... anyone care to tell how many times they 'shoot'? .... cause i feel like im being cheated out sorta... if you know wut i mean.

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Everyone is different in terms of how far they shoot and how much they shoot. There is this adult star named Peter North who is well known for his squirt because he looks like a super soaker. He's in great shape and I believe he contributes it to diet and fitness. Some people actually control their squirt so that they can do it 10 times, and some people do it naturally I guess. But as long as it feels good to you it shouldn't matter, unless you're using your penis to play Halo 2 or something.

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first of all i woudlnt worry about it, hes prolly exagerating and it doesnt matter any way, every ones different. but secondly it depends on how strong an orgasm it is, if u just jack ur self really quick it might only be 3, if u go for a long while using the sotp and go method then you get 5, or if sum bangen hot chik licks u good with a tongue studd then u might get 8, lol experiment if your that worried about it.

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