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IM Sex and then what?


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This guy I know for a while. We talk alot on IM but seldom see each other. He said he likes me and we get along quite well... I mean on IM. We flirt and fool around on IM and one time we talked about relationships and different love views those kinds of stuffs, and then we had IM Sex. Although it sounds kinky, the feel was really good .


But since then, his replies become slow. If I don't IM him, he won't IM me. He made me feel he got advantages from me and just walk out. So I stopped IM him for week, and he popped up. I was happy buy I also hesitate. After that IM and he again not replying.


What's wrong with this guy? Or he's just a slimy person?

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Hi there,

I wonder if he is no longer "curious" about you anymore after the online im sex stuff. Maybe he feels that he already knows what you have to offer --Know what I mean?


I would say to just ignore him for a few days or so. Don't contact him and see if he contacts you. Try not to have this im sex thing happen again if you consider seeing him in person because it will screw up his image of you. That's just my suggestion.


Be yourself and flirt, but keep the sex stuff for later.

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I agree with muneca.


Some guys just chat online in hopes of finding a girl to have "im sex" with. After they get it, they move on.


I would take muneca's advice and not contact him. If he does contact you and he wants to have "im sex" say your not up for it and you would just rather talk about other things. See how he responds to that. If he stops talking, or suddenly doesn't seem interested in just talking, then you will know he's just looking for that one thing.

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Thanks muneca and maggie


Keeping a distance probably the right thing to do now. I feel sad as we used to be so close and sweet on such other. The past few days I keep on hoping for something but at the same time disappointed.


May be I should just forget that jerk at all .

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