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Not sure what to do here.........


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So after a bad experience at the end of the past year, I met a beautiful and wonderful woman at the beginning of February. We have talked or texted each othe revery day from the night we met and we have generally had a great time together.....we really enjoy each other's company and we can literally talk for hours.


She just ended a 5 year relationship in November of last year and I know that it was pretty traumatic for her. We have gone really slow with one another as I know she still has some walls up. We went out the other night and she told me that she really needs a little bit of time.....that she is feeling a bit overwhelmed with severed work pressure, taking care of sick father, and the fact that she still needs to get closure with her ex. Told me she loves being with me but that this is a really bad time and that she just needs some time to get things in order. Told me that did not mean that we could not talk or see one another. The next day she sends me texts telling me that she was tired the next morning but I am worh it, she is thinking about me all day, etc.....and wants to make sure we are OK. I told her I am, that I definitely don't want to give up, I understand where she is right now, and that if she wants me to give up or move on to just tell me...


So she told me she just needs some time to get through the work issues, etc....and that she hopes things will change soon...and that she wanted me to know she really enjoys being with me.


Then she was in an accident and spent some time in the hospital and I have barely heard from her......worried that maybe she changed her mind or the ex came back into the picture.

Do not want to come accross as needy....or on the other hand uncaring......not sure if I should just disappear and move on......which is not what I want.

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She's obviously confused between getting over still healing from her previous relationship, and the newness of this one. I would just try to take things slow and definitely don't get overly attached to her. Take her words exactly as they are, and don't convince yourself that if you do the right things she will fall madly in love with you. She might, but most likely she might not.

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