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My ex wife and signs she might want me back


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We were together for five years. We were married for two years. We have a daughter together who is three. We got divorced and we both got depressed. It's been eight months and lately we have been talking again a lot! It started out by texting about how our daughter was doing and my ex wife started using that to ask me how she was doing and slowly slide into real conversation. We have been texting a lot lately. In the morning mid day and text a lot at night. When I got the baby from her today I felt happy nervous and not confident. We made small chit chat and she did this eye movement and face she does when she's showing interest. I tried to talk more but I couldn't. She stood there for a prolonged time as if she wanted more conversation but I weaked out. She will text after work to see if I'm awake and will text just to talk. I'm not going to lie this conversation makes me feel a genuine sensation of happy. Tonight just to test the waters I asked if I could borrow money from her. She said yes which I was not expecting and I don't really need the money and in my test I was trying to convince her I didn't need it but she insisted. I loved her and she loved me. We were both in a bad spot when we met and our issues seemed to have matured. She just texted me again and I need some feedback if this is genuine or a good idea to pursue. Thank you for your time

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I think it sounds like there may be a chance she is reconsidering the relationship. Maybe keep doing what your doing and see how things go. I'm sure if you are going to get back together things will progress naturally with seeing eachother more and more communication.


Thanks for the response!


Now I just need to gain some confidence when we talk in person. My plan of action is to keep talking. Keep being me and hope for the best. If it doesn't happen oh well. If it does happen I will slowly get there and wait until its completely obvious.


Ps - I am new to this web site and it is my new favorite site. I'm basically getting addicted

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